Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Drew !

Today is a Birthday Day! There is nothing more fun in a child's life than to have a birthday.
It is a bit weird to celebrate or feel the spirit of spoiling someone when they leave before you wake up and come home when the kids need to go to bed. Last night I wrapped up Drew's presents so we could begin the celebration while I worked on the birthday cakes. The guys at work requested a German Chocolate Cake (but I don't think they knew it was a Birthday cake). I know Drew didn't tell them. They just heard cake. I decided I would make one he could take to work. We tried a new cake recipe, made the frosting from scratch (so much better than the store brands), made a huge mess, cleaned the huge mess, and when I woke up the cake was still sitting on the table. AHHHH! Oh well! I ate a piece for breakfast.

Drew was very difficult to shop for this year. I couldn't think of anything to give him and when I would go to town the whole family goes to town. So I didn't get to be very sneaky about anything except for the LIVE WIRE I asked for. Mike and Joan went to Boise this last weekend so I made sure I got the phone call in for the LIVE WIRE Mountain Dew surprise.

Since it is his birthday, I wanted to share some of his quirks that make me laugh. He can be found EVERY single week with a thrifty nickel for every room in our house. Thursday evenings when we are re-watching Grey's because it's bedtime the first airing , he will sit on the bed with a pen circling everything under the sun. Sometimes it scares because I don't know the pricetag of the items. But he reassures me that it's o.k. to let him dream.

I found this quote that fits him.

"All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers."

Orson Swett Marden

Camber and David have a year to be within ten miles of the Blackfoot Fire Station. A few Saturday's ago I tagged along with Camber to look at a couple of houses that Drew had found looking in the INL Trading Post. When at one of the homes the Man selling the home asked who their realtor was. Camber looked at me and looked back at the Man, and told him her brother in law. If you need it, Drew can find it!

His boys act just like him. Drew as part of his morning routine has to have 2 Q-Tips to get the water out of his ears. Always!!!! The other day I chose to bathe the kids and Drew took to doing the dishes. Burton got out of the tub, got wrapped up in his towel, and went to the drawer with the Q-tips in them. I asked him what his was doing and duH! getting the water out of his ears.

Drew Loves : ME :), his kids, LIVE WIRE, Big N Rich ( 2nd fan pack came out last Tuesday & I didn't know until I was given the clue), Spaghetti, A cold PEPSI, ............

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