Saturday, April 20, 2013

{A day in the life.......

 1.  Burton Loves to tease his 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Johnson.  In the last couple of weeks he went from being my son Burton to Burto*related his learning in school to an episode of his favorite show DUCK DYNASTY - this funny scenario leading us to the prank She & I pulled on Burto!  He thought he was buying this lovely green shirt to surprise her but we bought one for her too that she wore on the very same day.  It is amazing to see a teacher go the extra mile for something silly to connect with one of her students. 
2.  Devry & Deakon came to town.  I knew being away from family has been difficult and that much of her time would be catching up with them and I figured her stopping by Janae's was most important.  It came as a complete Surprise to see them at our front step to visit. 
3.  MY Twinners are 5 and with that are soooo beyond excited for Kindergarten.  A documented mile marker for me to have the last of my kids finding this moment in time in their lives.  They have been a wild adventure but have been the source of some of our giggles this week.  Straight from the mouth of Cooper this week:  Playing a matching game and reading from the scriptures of the crucifixion, and the suffering of Christ at the Garden of Gethsemene, we had just read from the book of Luke.  Coop's turn to find the next scripture passage he asks us to turn to BEN. 

4.  The Idaho History Program & Projects were amazing.  I LOVED that the program was so rehearsed and the kids performed flawlessly.  I could have died once or twice when a good Ol' Idaho song would ring throughout the house endlessly but I have to admit tears were shed when I saw Liberty in the program.....A proud Momma moment.  All of her grandparents got to be in attendance and we scored front row seats ;). 
5.  Liberty and Emma decided to a rendition of Chopsticks for their talent.  Emma came over afterschool one day to practice and just before she left the nerd twist entered the good old momma brain and the girls pulled it off - walking in goofy, itching their noses, cracking their knuckles, and adjusting their glasses - soo cute!

6.  Wrestling camp was a must this year and a time for each boy to discover some inner strength.  I LOVE that about wrestling.  The Firth tournament always introduces us to some diehards and for Cooper going up against one first round turned him off to wrestling.  Mack on the other hand was given a perfect opponent where he had a moment to shine and come away a winner.  The whole night was his as he reminded himself with words of amazement that went like this until sleep finally won out...."I can't believe I won!" "I'm so proud of myself!" " Did you see me winned!" 
We did and we were thrilled for that moment in your life!
In the middle of Wrestling camp was the excitement of Melody & Hadley's visit for Grandma Anthony's Birthday.  But not one day into it Mel got sick and sick resulted in a APENDIX removal!  Blesssed to be among family when this happened, we all pitched in and made it work with Hadley's first overnighter, surprise visits from everyone that allowed us to craft later and watch Downton Abbey. 
We also took on a SIMPLE remodel project.  We tiled the backsplash in the kitchen and put in new laminate.  Simple took a month and some simple patience on my part but gave a good cause for me to invite my dad over for a little Father Daughter project.
7.  We have fun celebrating our love for the wonderful people in our lives, classmates, piano teachers, teachers at school, Grandparents & Relatives, and the family we share our everydays with.  Just a reminder of the fun I've found on pinterest and tweeked to make my own.  
8.   Celebrating Learning with Thing 1 and Thing 2!  Grateful to my niece to help pull off a crazy tradition!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


These were the few must have pictures Drew and I loved in Remembering our friend.  End of January means we already remember Grandpa & Grandma Anthony, our dear friend Jackie, and now we add our buddy Josh.  Lots of different emotions those first few days.  Hard to even express in words.   It has made that day, January 12th even more special to me, because it was Josh's birthday, and the day I by chance ran into him at Broulim's, gave two huge hugs, told him that we loved him.  Drew did the same the last they saw each other the Thursday before when he and Luke had taken Josh to dinner .  A big hug with pats on the back, two grown men saying they loved each other.  There are so many things you could remember him by, like his huge stories, his sense of humor, he could relive his football days like they happened yesterday ....... he would have been so much fun to watch grow old.  But it boiled down to a bunch of old friends reconnecting and meeting up at the funeral of someone they all had a million memories with, and with a few realizing how strong their friendships are. 

From Dan Messick:

Growing up in the small town that I continue to live in has been one of greatest experiences of my life. I have been blessed to continue to live where my childhood took place, where my wife's family and my family still live. Looking at this community its is a miracle to me, one of friendships and reflection. I have been taught by the best people, examples to me and my young family growing deeply rooted in a sense of home with family and friends always nearby. I can see my youth and the many memories made being here, mirrored in my own children.
As life carries on and the many changes that come with it, I am grateful to be close to our loved ones.The unexpected departures of the ones I love reminds me of how our relationships in life are what I will carry with me forever.
Thinking of the importance of friendship to me, with the recent loss of Josh Herrman is fresh in my mind. He has made me appreciate this gift in my life even more. He was a true friend an true example to me of how to be one. I still can laugh a little thinking about him with these tears in my eyes morning for his loss, hearing him talk to me relishing in life's memories. He had a gift a real gift in telling stories of our past, making us all laugh and happier than we were before. I will always miss that about him, whether it was just me or a group of friends that was one of the greatest things in life was listening to Josh tell stories. I remember sitting around campfires talking late and Josh having all of us captivated. I have never met another one like him, he could make friends out of perfect strangers and his friends continued to become mine. I loved that about him, He made my life rich. If Josh loved you he loved you for life and you knew it, I could always call on him and count on him when I needed it. he seemed to always make the best out of life. I remember attending Utah State and living with Josh and the many memories of 93 Penny Lane. I am still amazed how he could he could be one of the more well known people on that campus with out even being enrolled in a single class, just another example of how Josh could turn strangers into friends. Every where Josh lived and worked people knew him, smiles and laughter were always accompanied when his name was mentioned. He was a master of lifting up his fellow man. I could see how much he loved his family and friends, These qualities he had will be missed and always be a strength to me.

 From Drew:

I feel like I have lost a piece of my heart today and I have definately lost a brother, but have the memories that will last a lifetime. You never realize how much a person means to you until their gone. Tell those that are close to you h...ow much you love them. One of the last times I saw Josh, I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him. Kinda weird for to grown men to say these things to each other but it is true. I will never forget my good friend Josh Herrman. Thanks for the good times. Josh, I will forever LOVE YOU my friend.

Saturday, January 26th , we met together with the buddies and kids to have a potluck and remember the memories of Josh.  Once it was late enough, and with permission given to go to the heatgates where they always had a fire roaring in the good old days and the "guys" got a chance to be together. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

{Klondike Derby.........

One of our January Activities was took our Dad on an activity minus US.  Which really was fine by me.  I am NOT one for camping in SUBZERO temps.  The timing of the expedition seemed ill-timed, after the shock of the news of the passing of our friend Josh,  but I think Drew needed it to take his mind off of the other.  Yesterday, in our ward was Scout Sunday.  It was a good reminder to hear the SCOUT oath and have the leaders give their own personal experiences of how the Scouting program has been a blessing in their lives. 
I loved the simple sayings that Christopher Likes shared:  Keep your fork the best is yet to come.  and regarding behavior & the Scout oath :  Act like a Scout!
Drew shared that Scouting  goes far beyond patches & awards but that it teaches Young Men to be Fathers, Missionaries, Leaders, & the Magnify their priesthood.

AS Drew shared his thoughts about lessons he learned as a youth and how that lesson was a benefit to him as a leader, my mind turned to this talk I read earlier this year in the Ensign.  I love this talk & to love the meaning of the 50 -mile hike & feel they could be done a lot more with our youth today.

Why I Love 50-Mile Hikes

I love 50-mile (80 km) hikes, not so much because they’re fun but because they teach young men to do hard things.
Most young men who start 50-milers think they’re prepared, but it doesn’t take long—just a few miles up that first ridge—before they wonder who talked them into it. That night, unlike on other campouts, they’re quiet and they go to bed early rather than stay up late talking.
The next morning, there’s a solemn feeling in the camp—not a lot of discussion. And as the young men start their climb again, they contemplate life and death. By that afternoon they’re missing their mothers and wondering whether they’ll ever see them again.
By the second night around the campfire, you have the most teachable, ready-to-learn, ready-to-listen-to-the-Spirit young men you will ever see. You won’t see them that way in priesthood meeting or at home or at school or on activity night. As a result, there will be an opportunity around that campfire for testimony bearing and teaching that will sink deep into their hearts and that they will remember for a lifetime.
Such experiences require dedicated adult leaders who are willing to get out with the young men, mentor them, allow them to lead, and be there for them.
By the last day of a 50-miler, the young men feel that they have accomplished the hardest thing they’ve ever done—and they’ve survived! They go home realizing that doing better in school and serving a mission may not be so difficult after all. The bar has been raised for them. In the process they come to love and appreciate their parents more, and they can’t wait to see them again.
When we do and teach hard things, we bring young men to a level of competence and confidence that prepares them for the future—the opportunity to serve an honorable mission, be successful in school, become a worthy husband and father, and do other things the Lord expects of them.
That’s why a functioning Aaronic Priesthood quorum is so important in the life of a young man. When we successfully integrate Duty to God and Scouting into an Aaronic Priesthood program, we help the priesthood quorum strengthen its young men and prepare them for the future.

{ 5 years old & Counting.....

 The excitement for Grandpa Gentillon's was ever present in our home.  But behind all that excitement was the question "When is Grandpa's birthday over so it can be our birthday?!"
We like to make the Birthday excitement spread thru the whole week leading up to the birthday and for this birthday it was no different.  Our family celebration came as part of their birthday gift.  We took them to their restaurant of choice McDonald's and they got to order a Happy Meal ( I personally think they are a waste of money) and excited they were about the toy they got (and then quickly forgot about).  Next stop was i-Jump.  The kids had a blast jumping on the trampolines, foam pits, and Mack even mastered a standing back-flip into the pits.  They were all giggles. 

 {blue powerade}

 { a Favorite at our house...... Chips & Rolled hotdogs}

{Glow in the dark nerf gun wars was our activity - a dark gym, lots of cousins, grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, & we couldn't leave out our Missionaries - Elder Zamora & Elder Tomayo.
{A few of the Birthday requests included a basketball cake ..... check - done it - not to bad, a batman cake - not sure  & at the last minute decided my best option was Valentine cards with glo-sticks which turned perfectly matched the theme.}

{ Grandpa Tillon's Birthday 1*15*13

{ Celebrating Grandpa Gentillon's 84th Birthday.....making Tourtons (a pastry from the French Alps- where Grandpa Gentillon's parents were from).  I grew to love these pastries before I had even become an "official" Park.  Making these together for Grandpa's birthday made for one happy Grandpa!  I watched as Joan meticulously moved from one detail to the next, trying to take in the art of making the official pastry, and laughed when Grandma Gentillon commented that we'd better learn she wasn't going to live forever!  Jamie, Amber & I each jumped in to take turns at different steps but I never did take my turn mixing the dough :/ eek!  Sometimes that first step sets the tone for the rest. 

The Steps I noted as I watched this time around in making Tourtons:

  • The dough was rolled into a perfect circle on a floured cloth
  •  Then folding the dough in half to give a division for the next step
  • On one half placing evening the filling of choice (Prunes, Cabbage, or Potato)
  • With a special tool (need the name) that will cut and seal the edges of what turns out to be triangle pastries
  • From there the pastries are taken to be fried while watering mouths await the moment for them to be done and cool enough to taste.
  • We cooked the prunes, then potato, leaving the cabbage for last - I guess the flavor ruins the oil.
I love them warm!  My favorite are the potato which is like a sourcream mashed potato inside.  MMMM. Love.  It's usually a once a year event and you love them so much you don't want to miss.

We Love our Grandpa and the spunk he continues to have.  He  has so many memories with each grandchild that they cherish that he makes them all feel like they are his favorite.  We love our visits to Grandma & Grandpa Tillon's house.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

{My theme for January.....}

I was asked late one Saturday evening to fill in for the Sister assigned to teach the lesson the next day because of illness.  When her husband gave my the talk I nearly died.  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, "The First Great Commandment".   Big swallow with thoughts of how in the world. 
Guided by prayer, I decided on showing the talk and letting Elder Holland express with his emotion the power of his message.  It was incredible!  I Love this talk.  I Love this exerpt along with others,  Do you LOVE me? and The crowning characteristic of love is always LOYALTY.
Here is to doing more, being a little better, and giving our all!
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