Monday, February 11, 2013

{ Grandpa Tillon's Birthday 1*15*13

{ Celebrating Grandpa Gentillon's 84th Birthday.....making Tourtons (a pastry from the French Alps- where Grandpa Gentillon's parents were from).  I grew to love these pastries before I had even become an "official" Park.  Making these together for Grandpa's birthday made for one happy Grandpa!  I watched as Joan meticulously moved from one detail to the next, trying to take in the art of making the official pastry, and laughed when Grandma Gentillon commented that we'd better learn she wasn't going to live forever!  Jamie, Amber & I each jumped in to take turns at different steps but I never did take my turn mixing the dough :/ eek!  Sometimes that first step sets the tone for the rest. 

The Steps I noted as I watched this time around in making Tourtons:

  • The dough was rolled into a perfect circle on a floured cloth
  •  Then folding the dough in half to give a division for the next step
  • On one half placing evening the filling of choice (Prunes, Cabbage, or Potato)
  • With a special tool (need the name) that will cut and seal the edges of what turns out to be triangle pastries
  • From there the pastries are taken to be fried while watering mouths await the moment for them to be done and cool enough to taste.
  • We cooked the prunes, then potato, leaving the cabbage for last - I guess the flavor ruins the oil.
I love them warm!  My favorite are the potato which is like a sourcream mashed potato inside.  MMMM. Love.  It's usually a once a year event and you love them so much you don't want to miss.

We Love our Grandpa and the spunk he continues to have.  He  has so many memories with each grandchild that they cherish that he makes them all feel like they are his favorite.  We love our visits to Grandma & Grandpa Tillon's house.

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The Lane Family said...

Kellie!! This was an Awesome post I remember the Gentillion's AMAZING people and I am glad to see they are still doing well!!

The family tradition sounds YUMMY!!! If anyone can make it I know that it is you!!