Sunday, February 17, 2013


These were the few must have pictures Drew and I loved in Remembering our friend.  End of January means we already remember Grandpa & Grandma Anthony, our dear friend Jackie, and now we add our buddy Josh.  Lots of different emotions those first few days.  Hard to even express in words.   It has made that day, January 12th even more special to me, because it was Josh's birthday, and the day I by chance ran into him at Broulim's, gave two huge hugs, told him that we loved him.  Drew did the same the last they saw each other the Thursday before when he and Luke had taken Josh to dinner .  A big hug with pats on the back, two grown men saying they loved each other.  There are so many things you could remember him by, like his huge stories, his sense of humor, he could relive his football days like they happened yesterday ....... he would have been so much fun to watch grow old.  But it boiled down to a bunch of old friends reconnecting and meeting up at the funeral of someone they all had a million memories with, and with a few realizing how strong their friendships are. 

From Dan Messick:

Growing up in the small town that I continue to live in has been one of greatest experiences of my life. I have been blessed to continue to live where my childhood took place, where my wife's family and my family still live. Looking at this community its is a miracle to me, one of friendships and reflection. I have been taught by the best people, examples to me and my young family growing deeply rooted in a sense of home with family and friends always nearby. I can see my youth and the many memories made being here, mirrored in my own children.
As life carries on and the many changes that come with it, I am grateful to be close to our loved ones.The unexpected departures of the ones I love reminds me of how our relationships in life are what I will carry with me forever.
Thinking of the importance of friendship to me, with the recent loss of Josh Herrman is fresh in my mind. He has made me appreciate this gift in my life even more. He was a true friend an true example to me of how to be one. I still can laugh a little thinking about him with these tears in my eyes morning for his loss, hearing him talk to me relishing in life's memories. He had a gift a real gift in telling stories of our past, making us all laugh and happier than we were before. I will always miss that about him, whether it was just me or a group of friends that was one of the greatest things in life was listening to Josh tell stories. I remember sitting around campfires talking late and Josh having all of us captivated. I have never met another one like him, he could make friends out of perfect strangers and his friends continued to become mine. I loved that about him, He made my life rich. If Josh loved you he loved you for life and you knew it, I could always call on him and count on him when I needed it. he seemed to always make the best out of life. I remember attending Utah State and living with Josh and the many memories of 93 Penny Lane. I am still amazed how he could he could be one of the more well known people on that campus with out even being enrolled in a single class, just another example of how Josh could turn strangers into friends. Every where Josh lived and worked people knew him, smiles and laughter were always accompanied when his name was mentioned. He was a master of lifting up his fellow man. I could see how much he loved his family and friends, These qualities he had will be missed and always be a strength to me.

 From Drew:

I feel like I have lost a piece of my heart today and I have definately lost a brother, but have the memories that will last a lifetime. You never realize how much a person means to you until their gone. Tell those that are close to you h...ow much you love them. One of the last times I saw Josh, I gave him a big hug and told him I loved him. Kinda weird for to grown men to say these things to each other but it is true. I will never forget my good friend Josh Herrman. Thanks for the good times. Josh, I will forever LOVE YOU my friend.

Saturday, January 26th , we met together with the buddies and kids to have a potluck and remember the memories of Josh.  Once it was late enough, and with permission given to go to the heatgates where they always had a fire roaring in the good old days and the "guys" got a chance to be together. 

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