Saturday, April 20, 2013

{A day in the life.......

 1.  Burton Loves to tease his 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Johnson.  In the last couple of weeks he went from being my son Burton to Burto*related his learning in school to an episode of his favorite show DUCK DYNASTY - this funny scenario leading us to the prank She & I pulled on Burto!  He thought he was buying this lovely green shirt to surprise her but we bought one for her too that she wore on the very same day.  It is amazing to see a teacher go the extra mile for something silly to connect with one of her students. 
2.  Devry & Deakon came to town.  I knew being away from family has been difficult and that much of her time would be catching up with them and I figured her stopping by Janae's was most important.  It came as a complete Surprise to see them at our front step to visit. 
3.  MY Twinners are 5 and with that are soooo beyond excited for Kindergarten.  A documented mile marker for me to have the last of my kids finding this moment in time in their lives.  They have been a wild adventure but have been the source of some of our giggles this week.  Straight from the mouth of Cooper this week:  Playing a matching game and reading from the scriptures of the crucifixion, and the suffering of Christ at the Garden of Gethsemene, we had just read from the book of Luke.  Coop's turn to find the next scripture passage he asks us to turn to BEN. 

4.  The Idaho History Program & Projects were amazing.  I LOVED that the program was so rehearsed and the kids performed flawlessly.  I could have died once or twice when a good Ol' Idaho song would ring throughout the house endlessly but I have to admit tears were shed when I saw Liberty in the program.....A proud Momma moment.  All of her grandparents got to be in attendance and we scored front row seats ;). 
5.  Liberty and Emma decided to a rendition of Chopsticks for their talent.  Emma came over afterschool one day to practice and just before she left the nerd twist entered the good old momma brain and the girls pulled it off - walking in goofy, itching their noses, cracking their knuckles, and adjusting their glasses - soo cute!

6.  Wrestling camp was a must this year and a time for each boy to discover some inner strength.  I LOVE that about wrestling.  The Firth tournament always introduces us to some diehards and for Cooper going up against one first round turned him off to wrestling.  Mack on the other hand was given a perfect opponent where he had a moment to shine and come away a winner.  The whole night was his as he reminded himself with words of amazement that went like this until sleep finally won out...."I can't believe I won!" "I'm so proud of myself!" " Did you see me winned!" 
We did and we were thrilled for that moment in your life!
In the middle of Wrestling camp was the excitement of Melody & Hadley's visit for Grandma Anthony's Birthday.  But not one day into it Mel got sick and sick resulted in a APENDIX removal!  Blesssed to be among family when this happened, we all pitched in and made it work with Hadley's first overnighter, surprise visits from everyone that allowed us to craft later and watch Downton Abbey. 
We also took on a SIMPLE remodel project.  We tiled the backsplash in the kitchen and put in new laminate.  Simple took a month and some simple patience on my part but gave a good cause for me to invite my dad over for a little Father Daughter project.
7.  We have fun celebrating our love for the wonderful people in our lives, classmates, piano teachers, teachers at school, Grandparents & Relatives, and the family we share our everydays with.  Just a reminder of the fun I've found on pinterest and tweeked to make my own.  
8.   Celebrating Learning with Thing 1 and Thing 2!  Grateful to my niece to help pull off a crazy tradition!


The Lane Family said...

YOu have been one busy lady!! But it looks like you have had some great adventure and enjoyed a lot of fun things and made some GREAT memories!! I LOVE the matching shirts that is so funny!!

I also love the wrestling story and the moments were you are so proud to be a mommy!!

The nerd idea for the piano piece so hilarious and once again if anyone can pull it off it is you!!!

I am excited your "twinner's" are starting kindergarten that is not the case for my girl's due to Avery's issues I will do some homeschooling next year and then go from there!!

We think of you of you guys often and Ruthan tells me when she gets a chance to see you guys!!

Devry said...

That is one of the cutest pics ever! You need to send it to me. I love it! Miss you and your family.