Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cooper sleeps through the night!

AHH! HA! Cooper slept through the night for the first time!!!! BUT it wouldn't be fair if I got to.
Burton was up at 3:30 climbing into bed with Drew and I . I am so tired of being up with one child, putting them back to sleep, up with the next, putting them back to sleep, and then up with the next either balistically crying to the point I might go crazy or burton sneaking into our bed with a stuffed animal to share my space. Thank heaven for a KING size bed or I would be the one that rolled over and fell out. So Burton wakes up and I find out Drew is sick. So with one more round to the clinic I cross my fingers we will be healthy again. So with the said it off to clorox wipe everything we touch.

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Jamie said...

Whoo-hoo!! That is the best. I hope everyone is feeling better.