Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Winter Festival in McCall, ID

All around town businesses have incredible snow sculptures on their property. The are very detailed and nothing is left out. One of them that we stopped and walked around was a castle with a ice pond under the draw bridge, complete with look outs with in the castle, snow as tile floors, a king and queen sitting on their throwns, a knight on a horse, and a dragon. Is that the Camelot story?
Saturday afternoon the kids and dads played outside until it got dark. David's parents live down a lane. There is a gentleman David called him Brother Dean that lives farther in than David's parents. Currently, Brother Dean is the only one living on the lane. David's parents still live in New Mexico. Anyway, Brother Dean has an awesome winter yard. He has groomed the entire lane to be a sled run. At the top of the lane he has built up the snow with stairs for the kids to walk up and get to the sled run. Some of the sleds would run the entire length of the lane. I bet it was a good half mile. Then once their sled stop they would walk the entire way back up without crying or complaining. They loved it. Brother Dean also has groomed a hill on the side of the mountain and lined it with Christmas lights for the evening. We didn't tell the kids that or they wouldn't have come in.

Burton with his favorite sled. Once down the hill it would spin and drive him backwards. He loved it!

At noon on Saturday the big parade started down the main street of McCall. The theme was Mardi Gras and they threw beads instead candy. Our kids loved it all but Cooper! He wasn't feeling very well and didnot like his snow clothes. He wanted to be held the whole time. So we didn't stay for the whole parade and beat the rush to go ice skating. This is Liberty showing off to me and falling. I didn't get very many of Liberty hopefully my mom did. My mom is really good at skating and so is Drew. Of course they bragged about growing up doing this. I had forgotten the stories my told of Grandpa Scott making a ice pond around a tree at their home. The family had so much fun. Money well spent!

Our winter getaway was also a chance to sleep over with our cousins in Meridian. My kids were so excited to stay with Sydney and Brooke. Our time with them wasn't long enough. It was fun to see them in their element. We don't take the chance to go to Boise to see them enough. As we were leaving Firth Thursday Burton started looking out the window for their house, and every bus driving down the rural roads as we were driving down the interstate Liberty was convinced was Brooke's bus taking her home.

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