Friday, June 12, 2009

Reverence and Respect

A soldier killed in a Helicopter accident in Hawaii was buried in Firth on Monday. The soldier was from Pocatello but is related to a prominate family in the area. I had heard of this story on the news but chose not to listen closely to the details for some reason. Later on in the week I connected the soldier to the Pocatello area as I heard details of the procession from the airport to the funeral home. Then again that it is all I paid attention to. Monday as we were leaving school lunch....( a favorite June activity......I'll need to remind my kids later they loved school lunch) I looked over at the cemetary and saw flags around the perimeter and down both sides of the road. When we figured out what was happening, we had a few minutes to run home put on some red, white, and blue and ride our bikes back to the Firth Church to wait for the funeral procession. It was a great experience to teach my children about the freedoms we enjoying, and about reverence and respect. I am grateful to those who serve so valiantly fighting for our freedom. A very special sight to feel the hush come over the crowd and see the procession pass.

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Natalie said...

It's never easy to have one pass, but it makes it easier when you know they were doing what they loved! I went to school with that soldier. I was shocked when we heard about it. In fact, he went to prom with my younger sister. Crazy what life brings with it.