Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What are you so worried about?.......This isn't Dangerous!

What I LOVE about Cooper and His dangerous escapades is the look he gets in his eyes. He takes little movements to make it look like he isn't doing anything before he rams into the danger zone full speed. All the while he looks over his shoulders giving me a cute innocent grin. Not in this big picture though. The one on the left HE knows he is in TROUBLE!
I am starting to figure out that boys do live more dangerously. Burton has been riding without training wheels on his bike for a little over a month. At first, I could see him being more cautious in his riding. Two weeks ago I noticed him riding without one hand. The loose hand was off the handle bars but ridgedly straight with his hand pointed toward the ground BUT he was doing the one handed trick. Last week I caught the riding standing up trick. This week he is riding standing up or blazing his way around the bike brigade two or three times before we get to the frog pond. Anyway........THEY are all growing up and I never imagined what it would be like to have THREE boys and two serve missions at the same time. I had a Sister in the ward call wanting me to donate all of Liberty's old sundresses to her so she could give them to families in the Dominican Republic. I was retelling the request to my sister when I heard Liberty say "YOU CAN'T I MIGHT GET A SISTER!" Do not take this as an announcement but I couldn't give away her dresses.

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