Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Back to School Picture Day ..... The day of the famous Bell Photographer picture shoot. We prepped for the day and had our own mini shoot before the bus came. So far Liberty loves everything about school. She loves school lunch (especially chicken sandwiches), She has been drawing some cute pages and writing sentences to go along with them. I love them. I love the math sheet and how big they write their numbers. I love waiting with her to catch the bus and being right there when she gets off the bus. Last week I picked enough strawberries to make 3 pints of jam. I waited until after school to make the jam and I am glad. While Liberty stirred the strawberries and sugar, I was busy preparing the pectin and containers, she unloaded her whole day to me. It happened to be a day when some kids weren't being very nice and we had the best one on one talk about it and how in our family we will treat everyone with love and respect. I was so grateful for that moment. I love my little girl.

The other day I was thumbing through a seagull book ad and I found this cd no time like NOW by Troy Dunn. It is very good and only $ 3.99 . I listened to it on Monday while prepping for preschool. If you want to borrow me.

Today..... Liberty ready for picture day. check

Twins and Burton walk to the mail box. check

To Blackfoot to have a flouride varnish put on the twins teeth. (Infant Toddler program ....what a blessing....They keep track of the twins and Mack with physical therapy.....)They even let Burton have it done.....She found a treasure for Uncle Ryan to work on. :( She said the flouride might help seal it up but we do have an upcoming appt. so better safe than sorry. check

McDonald's .....Check (we never do this on a week day)

Wal-Mart......check ( I had to get everything I didn't get over the weekend and yesterday woke up sweating bullets because I hate to be the slightest bit unprepared for preschool.)

Working on new preschool worksheets. almost check

Liberty got a sticker club chain letter type thing we need to get sent out. will be checked off after school

Aunt Clydene ( Drew's side) asked to be a volunteer for my preschool. I am so excited to have her here. It is going to be a great time. I am embarassed today. She came to drop off something and Burton answered the door but didn't come downstairs to tell me she was here. She came downstairs to me working on preschool and singing at the top of my lungs.

Take a listen to this song.... Out of My League by Stephen Speaks

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