Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Did you learn that in the army?

The new saying for things that amaze us is ....."Did you learn that in the army?"  More like when Drew is playing with the kids and pulls a stunt and the reply from the kids is "Where did you learn that ?"    Drew's quick reply is ....."I learned it in the army?"  Drew, Mack, and I were walking out of church the other day and Drew probably pushed Mack or was teasing him while walking down the hall and Mack giggling asked "Did you learn that in the army?".  I just heard the boys out playing on the trampoline and Mack says to Burton "Did you learn that in the army?" 
We've talked alot about the power of example in Family Home Evening as we have been called to be Member Missionaries ;) says President David O. McKay.  I am praying that as my kids or my neighbors watch what I do {which I wasn't acting appropriately the other day - there is usually one week a month that I break ;)}those things that amaze them and they ask "Did you learn that in the army?"  It will be something good!

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The Lane Family said...

So cute!!! Kellie you do AMAZING things and even when we have what I call "mommy moment's" or even "mommy meltdown's". We just have to remember that we are new to all of this as well and we are all learning and growing from experiences a moment at a time :)