Saturday, January 5, 2013

{BAPTISM.....Briggs 8}

{Refreshments....all ready to eat}
Donuts made to order in the shape of the number 8

{a few of Briggs Favorites.....He's a pretty quiet kid but don't worry he does know how to make noise, a kid you knows he video games & electronics, & working toward the big things in life now that he is baptized.} 

{Buddies & Cousins}

{Bishop Killpack (His first baptism) & Briggs}

What a fun evening filled with the spirit.  With many members of the family asked to participate we all tried to play a part.  Liberty played some simplified primary hymns for prelude music, Mack, Cooper & Averie sang  I Want to be a Missionary Now - with the help of me;}, Burton gave the opening prayer, and Grandpa Anthony gave a really good talk on the Holy Ghost requesting a fire story as per Briggs.  Grandpa Anthony fulfilled the request and lead to the Mormon Message: Lessons I learned as a Boy by President Hinckley.{Mormon Messages are so inspired....Amazing teaching tools!}
  What really got my attention was the personal connection to a silver dollar.  He told Briggs that one night he and Grandma had looked up the value of a silver dollar.  The value currently depending on condition could lead to be around $1500.00.  He talked of how quickly the next ten years will go and how maybe one day this silver dollar saved by our Grandpa Anthony, his Great Grandpa, could be used to help him on that mission.  It isn't a wonder to me now why we found so many silver dollars as we cleaned up Grandpa and Grandma's house.  They were leaving behind a token for their posterity.

 Cashed in or not, the value of that silver dollar to me is great.  I am grateful that my Dad took the opportunity to dig deeper and share with us something of his Dad's.  It has been hard since the passing of my Grandpa & Grandma Anthony to get my dad to say much because it hurts to bad.  For the baptism he did and it was good.  I can't wait until Burton's special day, he might just have to give a repeat performance.


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The Lane Family said...

What a NEAT baptism and I have to say that Briggs and Aidan would be GREAT friends because Aidan also love games and electronics.

That is such an AMAZING thing that your Dad did and I know it will touch Briggs and all of the kids for years and years to come!!

Aidan will be baptized this year and I am still wondering where the time has gone I am going to have to keep the "8" donuts in mind...we are also going to do our best to get Ruthan and the family out here for the event!!