Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Park Family Adventures

Time Flies when you're having fun?!

Almost a year after our move we are finally reconnecting to the internet and I am trying to get used to techy things. Along with the Family Search thing I would liketo do, a blog is something that has my interest if I can be successful with it.

We are moving right along to Spud Harvest. I am excited about the break. Not only from preschool but to have Liberty at home with us in the morning again. It is hard on the mother to get up and rock N' roll to get her out the door.

Liberty's First Day of Kindergarten

When she got home from her first day and I was anxious to her all that she had to say the only reply I got was "good". She was more concerned about seeing all that she had missed being gone. As we got her ready that morning Drew and I were both getting her ready, making french toast sticks like she had requested, and getting ourselves ready to wait for the bus too she broke down in tears in the bathroom. Finally, I thought to myself she doesn't want to leave like I don't want her to leave. We talk her through her tears of nerves and she was ready to go. She has been waiting for this day since last spring. I decided that we would even get her 5 year old shots early to add to the excitement. With Liberty and the crew we went to get her shots. I don't think she knew until then what a shot really was. Another exciting moment was Kindergarten registration in April, her 5 year old birthday in June, and school shopping. To begin the school year Valeta picked her up in front of our house. Now she walks to the Johnson's ( a couple houses down) and catches the bus with Kylie & Colton Mecham, and Carter Cook. I love walking with her and watching them run to get the bus. She rides Pat's bus home and is always excited to see her babies when she gets off. Her favorite song since the first day has been the Purple People eater song. Her teacher Mrs. Harshbarger plays the piano and sings with them every day. Something I don 't think many teachers do anymore. Her cousin Bree even told her that she was in a choir class.

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