Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Burton's First Day of Preschool

It was my mistake to buy the school shoes in July. From that day (which was an adventure) on He couldn't wait for a school day to wear his new shoes. He is just like his dad. That guy can't have to many shoes or jackets. There were days he was just trying on his shoes and somehow he slipped away wearing them. Every time he did I would cringe because shoes have to be brand new the first day of school. His Aunt Camber also commented about him wearing them when she saw him too. Burton couldn't wait for the kids to come to our house for school. Part of the reason he was so excited is that three of his cousins are apart of my class. Sam, Nathan, & Briggs all come to school this year. The first day of preschool is always exciting. I get nervous about how things will run even though this is my sixth year, my house being clean enough, the activities, the mothers, my yard looking together, the back to school decorations for the door, the pictures,THE list is endless. This year I worried about Elda and having TWO babies. Hoping it wouldn't make her crazy as I feel some days.
Burton's first day was a Blast and the two hours slipped away way too fast for him.
But for the record my year began a little differently. It is a different layout than I am used to for the first day because my house is different. I love it though because I have a room set aside just for preschool. My hang up is I can't see the front door.

On the first day I had parents walk in and leave, others stayed and looked around, and the part that I am used to is the kids dive right into playing and don't care where their parents are.
This was the situation, until one of my new moms stood up and left and her child realized she was gone. Before I even could look up the little girl was gone. I ran up the stairs to grab her and she was already out the screen door. I took her hand and walked back in. As I took two steps in her weight dropped and she was not coming in any farther. No sweet talking was going to get her back down the stairs. Her Mom was watching I'm sure and came to the rescue when things weren't getting any easier. For the remainder of the morning I was focused on this girl as I instructed all the others, she gets away too fast. After an hour her mom was able to sneak out but to this day Mom still comes in and sits on the couch until I am working downstairs with her and we are playing. It was just a rough first day.

The things I love about school are:
  • Being forced to be up and ready - I get so much more accomplished when everyone is dressed and fed before 8:00a.m.
  • I love having my kids in bed the same time each night and that gives time to read scriptures.
  • The earlier mornings gives us a more quiet afternoon. I love the quiet from 1-3:00 p.m. I can have some time to work without extra hands.
  • I love Thursday nights because I get help Friday morning. This new school routine is really exhausting.
  • I am enjoying the learning books for preschool and the format I am setting up with them. I hope it encourages them to write and practice their alphabet more with the writing paper grid lines. I love the learning book I take their work from. I hope I am sending out ideas that will help families work together.

I love preschool! What an opportunity it gives me. I get to be at home, design learning activities for my children, meet great families and be connected to those in our community.

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