Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Love this tree!

We have owned our home for a year now. One of the things I have loved about this home is this tree in the front yard. It is the ONLY tree we own in the front yard. There was some debate this summer about the pine trees on our right being ours or the neighbors to which we finally threw in the towel and call them his. Looking from the inside out through the front window the limbs hang down to make the perfect frame. It is a nice shade tree in the afternoon but there are some hazards to sitting under it. We were pooped on several times one afternoon. It is one of the simple things I love to look at that adds character to our home. It was fun to watch the leaves fall from the branches all at once in one morning. It has been to rake the leaves, hide pumpkins in the leaves, and track them in the house for Cooper to eat. I am now sick of having the leaves on the carpet everyday. But I LOVE this tree!

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Jamie said...

I love it too. It is so fun to see what you are all up to. You are a great Mom Kellie and have such fun things to do for you little goblins! This helps feel a little closer to you. Love ya