Sunday, November 2, 2008

9 Months Old!

Mack & Cooper
9 months old
Mack has two bottom teeth.
He is starting to roll over more.
He is sitting up without assistance better. I do put a pillow behind him because he throws his head back and I hate the sound it makes when it hits the floor.
He is a quick bottle drinker.
He loves Tootie Frooties.
He blows raspberries all the time.
Liberty loves to ask Him, "Mack , ARE YOU HUNGRY?!" It makes him giggle.
Cooper has two bottom teeth. In all the fuss of Cooper teething, he had all the signs fever, runny noses, whiny, Mack got his teeth and I didn't even know it.
He is a vacuum. What is on the floor is in his mouth. It kills me to see him smile and have the evidence hanging out of his mouth.
The other day he threw up out of the blue. Turns out he ate too many leaves. So with that it was time to clean them up out side so we could be ride of them inside.
He is a mover. Doesn't hold still and wants to crawl everywhere. Just this last weekend he is climbing on things, going beyond just pulling himself up to stand next to the couch.

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