Monday, November 24, 2008

Protective Brother!

Last Night the family was getting ready to attend our cousin Becca's Baptism. What an exciting event for our kids to see. Liberty's been so excited for this day since Becca's birthday. Anyway, she wanted to wear the perfect outfit. I was throwing out pieces to work with the existing outfit (so there would be less dirty clothes) and I had given her striped tights, a pleated denim skirt, all this would go with the yellow shirt and jacket she had been wearing. It looked really cute and warm. I left the room to iron her skirt and she was starting to object to outfit as see sat on the floor in front of her closet. At the same time in the room Burton was putting on his church pants. I started the iron and walked out of that room into the hallway and I hear Burton tell Liberty this as he swinging his arm in a punching action, "IF THEYSAY YOU LOOK UGLY, I'LL PUNCH 'EM IN THE NUBBLE EYE?!" Meanwhile, I am dying with laughter. THE NUBBLE EYE! SO I find Drew and retell the conversation and we both kill over in laughter because where is your nubble eye!

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Jamie said...

Nubble eye!?!!! I love it. I can so picture him as I speak! Awesome!
Love ya,