Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thanksgiving & the Christmas Tree

I 've needed to post about how much fun we had over the holiday but now that I am getting the chance to work on it there is not one ounce of creativity in my body that will allow me to write something that will sound the least bit clever. I must say this week has been one full of emotion and I feel completely drained. It is Saturday night 10:30 p.m. who wouldn't be drained. Right?! This is usually a very productive time for me. Drew works cleanup at Supreme and this is my time to create, work on my lesson for Sunday, & be with Janae since Travis works most Saturday's (doubles at Carino's) he doesn't get home until midnight, so Janae and I have the night to do whatever. Watch the news, then Friends, and then TLC.

Sunday was home teaching night of America. Last day of the month. Drew went out and then our home teacher visited us. We talked about family and especially the talk given by President Monson entitled Finding Joy in the Journey. LOVED this talk. I know the prophet was speaking to me. We talked about the part of the talk when he mentioned ....."If you are still in the process of raising children, be aware the tiny fingerprints that show up on almost every newly cleaned surface, the toys scattered about the house, the piles and piles of laundry to be tackled will disappear all too soon and that you will -to your surprise - miss them profoundly." We shared our family experiences of times like these, our children on the verge of driving us absolutely crazy but listening to the prophet reins us back and helps us put those situations into perspective. So, our Home Teacher leaves and we go about the night. I suddenly hear a yell from Drew to come to the living room quick. So, I run, all to find my perfectly decorated Christmas tree crashed to the floor with ornaments, lights, water everywhere. AHHH! I couldn't even laugh. Drew was in a good mood and thought I would see the funny in it too. NOPE . All I could do was walk out of the room. He redecorated the tree alone and I went to lay down. I think it was coming down from all the holiday cheer and I was tired and flat emotional. This emotion was on the side of grouchy. Monday, I spent the morning with Liberty's class and the day went o.k. Tuesday, was swell until night. I didn't have mutual and so I was putting kids to bed. I had asked Burton several times to get undressed and jump in the tub. He wasn't listening. SO, I'm sure I got after him and he started crying. I'm sure there was more lecture from me and telling him to just get in and get washed up so I could fix the problem by putting him to bed. Now, he starts with his stomach hurting. More lecture from me...."WHY, does your stomach always hurt when it is time for bed!" MORE Bawling. This point I might go nuts because he is walking out of the bathroom once again. AHH! He gets to the hall bawling about his stomach and I'm going after him and he throws up everywhere! AHHHH! All night on the hour he is throwing up. Well, to make things more interesting Cooper wakes up at 1:00 a.m. with another stinkin' fever. I can't believe this. The whole month he has fevered and NOTHING..... nobody knows his problem. So, I give him tylenol, wipe him down with a wash cloth and think we are good to put him back in bed. NOPE! He cries the whole entire night! He finally sleeps from 6-7 a.m. but is up Cranky as ever!!!

Now, it is Wednesday. I have been making arrangements for this day all week. My cousin Diana's little girl Hannah passed away the night before Thanksgiving. All the events and timing with the holiday made me sick. At times when I would think about Diana I felt like it just couldn't be real. It is when I saw the obituary and saw Hannah's picture, her little eyes looking just like Mack's, I knew it was real but didn't want to believe. After my hour of sleep and in my crankiness I called Camber & Mom and told them my situation and they told me what I didn't want to hear but how could I go with a fussy baby and a kid with the throw ups! Not to mention Liberty didn't get enough sleep either and bawled every time I helped her and was gagging in the garbage before I sent her to the bus giving the lecture if your really sick you have to stay home. She loves school to much and didn't realize that her teacher doesn't like to clean up throw up as much as I do ?!!!!

I wasn't satisfied with the option of staying home so at 9:00 a.m. I loaded up the kids, gave Burton a garbage sack and we headed for the funeral. Even if we sat in the back away from everyone I needed to be there.

The day turned out so much better than it started. Where would we be without adventures like this. I might be the only crazy one to ever post it on my blog.

Yes, the holiday was GREAT! Hopefully soon I will feel like I can create a better picture of that time in life.

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