Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas is coming!

This week begins one of my favorite weeks of the year. I love preparing all the gifts that we've purchased, making goodies, watching the snow fly, visiting neighbors and friends who are a dear part of our lives. Friday, we celebrated Christmas with a party for my preschool kids. It was the best! I'm sure I feel that way every year. I have a special mom who knows from previous years how hard the gift exchange is and volunteers every year to here and help me explain that each child puts their present in the middle and will recieve a new present. This is very difficult for some to understand. This year one little girl hide her present at home under their family tree so that she might be able to keep it. There were no tears this year and the day was so fun. Santa visited the children. Each one was amazed that he knew their names and what they had been learning at school. He even wrote them a letter and identified one thing that makes them special to their teacher and how much fun learning shapes, numbers, and the abc's are.

Remember back to my post at the beginning of the school year when I wrote about the little girl who DID NOT want to be at preschool once she walked through my door? Well, we've come along way and I really love this little girl. She says the funniest things. It kills me when she says "HOLY CRAP" or tells on her little sister and tells me her sister is naughty. On Friday, she walked in and started unloading her backpack and began handing me gifts. I began with the card where her mom told me how much this little girl loved preschool. It nearly made me cry. To top it off her mom is amazingly creative and designs for different companies. She gave me a couple of stamp sets featuring her hand writing. Perfect for all my projects. Then she gave a recipe book with all their families favorite recipes. Compiled so beautifully and some delicious looking recipes. I am so excited to try something new. The presents were nice but not as much as the card. It is always nice to hear that what you work so hard at does make a difference. I am very grateful our paths crossed.
This week I also went shopping with the twins. AHHHHH! My body hurt so bad when I got home. Those stinkin' infant car seats are great but killers. I need to figure out our next way to move around. Hopefully, there is a double umbrella stroller on santa's list. I hate going shopping by myself.

This weekend Melody is home, Camber and David are in Boise (it is not fair they get to spend two nights in a hotel), Ashley and Kirk are here, and once again I am completely exhausted!


The Empey Fam! said...

HEY!! Kellie i am so glad i found your blog!!! My cell phone is broke so i have not had my phone!!! I totally miss you guys!! if you want to check my blog out its we actually went private so email me your email so i can invite you!!

The Empey Fam! said...

plus i LOVE the christmas cards!! so cute!! I wish Camber wouyld make a blog!! I love blogging!so much fun!!