Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

Mack has been caught several times under the Christmas tree. Just the week before Christmas he had started rolling under and pulling off the ornaments he could reach and the lights. I started to worry he might get a buzz of electricity through him. I at this time had seen so much physical progress in him. On Christmas Eve about 9 p.m. Grandma Gentillon was holding him and he felt warm. He continued to get warmer and thank goodness at that point we took him home because I couldn't handle the game Curses any more! I was not in the mood to humiliate myself that night. My sense of humor ---- out the door! We loaded up for our five minute drive home and let the kids open their Christmas Eve gift! More of Christmas in a minute. Now, as the week progresses Mack gets worse just like Cooper did in November. It is so hard to see them go all the time to limp rag with a ragging temperature 104. To make Mack different than Cooper the Doctor has to have other concerns 1. fever 2. anemic 3. growth of his head and development. Being the holiday weekend I get to wait for an answer until MONDAY!!!! Do they not know I AM A WORRY WORT. Dr. Hatch saw Mack on Monday and began Rocephin shots just like we did with Cooper and things began to pull around immediately. He broke out with a rash and the illness was probably Roseolla?. As for the other concerns his head was normal but will be checked again in a month just to make sure it continues growing they way it is suppose to .

I still have figured out how to submit a lot of photos at once. Sooo, I guess I will do them in sections. Our Christmas Vacation started Friday, December 19th. That was the day of my preschool Christmas party and the last day of Kindergarten for Liberty due to a snow storm on Sunday that gave them snow day on Monday. Beautiful snowstorm but a crazy day. I was trying to figure out this calendar idea I had created in my mind for Drew's parents and it was giving me the worst headache. I hate computers sometimes. I should have played outside with the kids and done fun things, it was the perfect snow man building snow. Later, that evening as we ventured over to eat White Chili with my family it was crazy to see how much snow had really fallen that day. The door of the district office was plastered. Mom and Dad's front yard had snow level to their front step and it continued to fall.
At the preschool party we had so much fun. It started with a learning activity that included art. Matching numbers to the reindeer herd. On the reindeer noses they dabbed glue and sprinkled red glitter to make them a Rudolph. Santa made an appearance and then our gift exchange. This year we took a walking field trip to the post office, mailed a letter to Santa, and the kids even recieved a reply from him as well. He's the best guy! The clips were our gifts to MOM & DAD. Aren't they cute. I was soo pleased at how they turned out. I wish they could all stay on my cute magnet board.
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The Empey Fam! said...

oh man poor little Mack! I bet that was annoying to wait!!!! And the Preschool paty sounds so fun!! You are so creative! I love it!!