Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Funny Kids

You've heard that kids say the funniest things, right?! I believe it! I think it is one of the joys that I have as mother to hear them try to figure life out.
The first one is Burton. I hear Burton talking to his dad and then I hear him ask where Drew got the hair on his lip. Drew tells him he grew it. Burton doesn't quite understand and Drew is explaining that it grows like the hair on his head. Well, then Burton asks where's mine? Drew tells him he can grow it High School and I jump in tell him after his mission. So, Burton goes and tells my mom he is going to grow hair on his lip in High School.

The other day Liberty comes home from school upset because a kid in her class acted up and her teacher got mad. I've seen this kid and it is his goal everyday to be in time out. Not only did he act up in class he said a bad word on the way out to the bus when the teacher wasn't around.
I asked Liberty about the word because she kept bringing it up. Well, He said Holy, Sh....! Oh, I said. Next time you hear that you go tell your bus driver or you tell Mr. Colton (the star tutor that walks them to the bus),or if you don't feel like you can do that I will call the teacher and talk to her. Later, that evening we picked Drew up from work and in the car Liberty was telling her dad about her day at school and about this kid acting up. She got to the part about the bad word and Drew said, "well, what did he say?" " I can't say it was a bad word, Dad." Burton yells, "He said SH...! Dad" So there was our FHE lesson!

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The Empey Fam! said...

hahaha Thats hilarious and all those posts were so fun to read!!! Well as t ohow t odo a video- THe little Icon 2nd to the las- its next to the icon that looks like an eraser- that is the on eyou hit to do videos- its slightly different than pics!! Sounds like a blast in Boise!! I miss you guys so much! I want to see you soon! Love the pics of your kids- makes me miss them MORE!