Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We LOVE to Celebrate Valentine's Day!

This is what Cooper's been up to these days. A little scary. He empties the kitchen drawers at least 5 times a day.
Mack trying out the swing he got for their Birthday. Loved it! We have cabin fever and want to be outside.
President's Day ...... Burton showing us his orange tongue from drinking LIVE WIRE Mountain Dew pop Drew loves and I'll blame him for leaving an open can in the fridge. It certainly wouldn't have been me. My nephew Sam gave a cute Valentine with a can of LIVE WIRE (it is loved by the whole park family) the valentine said something like "I DEW love my teacher" cute and Sam thought it was hilarious.

Liberty finally getting to learn to sew on her very own mini Janome she got for her Birthday in June. We saved it for a special day like today! She began sewing traced lines on construction paper and later found a scrap piece of fabric.

Valentine's Day I made glitter playdough that smelled like strawberries for our days celebrations. Camber and I had traded babysitting so we could each sneak off with our Sweethearts for awhile. This was my activity to entertain all the kids. This is Burton playing with playdough passing strep throat. Didn't even know he was sick. All of the sudden he starts crying and I feel his head and he is burning up. NO Complaints about anything. I give the meds and he is fine until Sunday morning and I happen to see him swollow like his throat hurts. So when Drew came home from meetings it was off to the doctor. I am such a good babysitter. When you come you get strep throat. :)

I wanted these placemats from target before the holiday but couldn't get myself to buy them full price. I wanted until last Saturday when TARGET had all Valentine stuff 90% off. I bought them for $.19 the only problem was I could only get 7 and I wanted 8 ( just in case we had visitors for dinner). Between Camber, My mom, and myself we bought and the remaining placemats. I LOVE the clearance at TARGET!

Listening to a favorite cd while moving onto the next activity of making sugar cookies ......Mama Mia.

While we made boxes the boys went skeet shooting. I packed a lunch for them and sent a huge bag of cheese puffs ( the kids got me to buy one of those huge buckets of them from Sam's). The little boys ate all the sandwiches and cheese puffs while the big boys shot guns.

The Saturday before Valentine's Day & Miss Breezy's Birthday Melody came for a visit. The kindergarten teacher's had sent a note home telling of the festivities and Valentine Boxes were listed. Oh, I had forgotten about the days of making the perfect Valentine box. In the meantime Breezy decided she wanted a strawberry box. Liberty then decided on a Watermelon. I learned from this experience that there are several ways to think. I had envisioned a half circle watermelon box and after sending Drew out to help me, he brought in a triangle slice of watermelon. HMM. Anyway, we set out to have a great time modge podging different shades of pink tissue paper on the boxes. Liberty even said It was the best day ever. Funny how just spending time can be the best day ever! Our boxes were a big hit and fun to do together.

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