Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spending our Happy Dayz at preschool

Treacherous ice after trudging through slush and mush .....perfect for welcoming preschoolers:)
The water over ice mess the kids step in as they come to preschool. I just love this mess!
Teaching the children about TEETH as part of Dental Health Month. Mary is a dental assistant and willingly comes every year to teach the kids. She brings them an awesome goody bag with all the supplies to pretend they are a dentist. The kids love it!

To break up the dull winter month of January we Learned the letter S & T with a semi truck. It also worked great with the concept Big & Small. Kimball's dad Todd was great to stop by preschool and let the kids see the Big Truck. The kids loved the bunkbeds inside, the refrigerator, the button on the seat that moves it up and down, and seeing if they were taller than the Big wheels.

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The Empey Fam! said...

Wow! That was really fun to read~! I love th picture of them singing with Mel! YOu guys sure know how to have a fun time! I love how you guys are so creative! My sister Rachel was so impressed and she is always saying Lets go buy craft stuff for the kids- I wantto be like your friend Kellie! Its true!! YOu are so creative!! I miss you and your whole fam!! Lets get together soon!!! I changed my phone number it is now 208-339-7585