Sunday, March 1, 2009

High School Musical 3 .......ALL DAY..... NO ALL WEEK!

We can't get enough HSM3. O.K. at the beginning of the week even I couldn't get enough of the movie and even found Drew watching it when I got home from helping with Libby's class on Friday. But we have continued to watch it non -stop this weekend. I didn't help that we were hit in the back side with strep throat again. 2nd time for Burton in exactly two weeks. I am taking matters into my hands tomorrow and figuring out the details of who could possibly be a carrier for this crap. Camber's family has had killer inflenza and the Mecham's too. So the Doctor told me not to visit them or we would pass strepfluenza?! Sounds like we would create our own new strain of crap! Back to the carrier part. Drew's brother Chad has this theory about strep carriers. He thinks Grandpa Park (Mike) is, along with the community well mug (the white mug) he and everyone else drinks out of. Chad refuses to drink out of it or maybe it is from any cup that Mike drinks out of, after experiencing his own bouts of strep. I only have to hear the word strep and can feel it coming on within minutes. So, I from Chad's theory have distanced myself from the white mug. This theory does not apply in our current situation because it feels like we haven't seen or been around Grandpa or Grandma Park in forever. They have had the flu and we have distanced ourselves from that.

Melody was here this weekend to celebrate my Mom's birthday and so we sent her home with a great strepfluenza package!:) While she was here we went to lunch at Carino's for my favorite Chicken Penne Gorgonzola......her BFF came to visit on Friday night his name is Scott Hadley and my kids love him..... I think Liberty, while flirting with him herself asked why he wasn't their Uncle yet? I applaude Liberty on being the Proactive one in the relationship........She even said she thought they kissed :) but doesn't know for sure because she was asleep.......we went and saw the movie Bed Time stories.......Loved when Burton repeated the line from the movie about it raining gumballs.......Cooper is fevering tooo......Mack can now sit up from laying down.......Our front lawn is one ginormous puddle.......Happy Sunday..... Have a Great Week!


Anonymous said...

We need to have another cousin party soon! Your kids are too cute! I had to tell Ryan about all of the cute things that they do and show him a picture! Ryan liked HSM3 too, it really is a good movie. Ashlie is even starting to sing the songs!

Melody Anthony said...

Um Kellie- I think Scott is a blogger he was telling me how he came across your blog this morning?? He has a lot of questions for you! JK Jk!

The Empey Fam! said...

Oh man- I am sorry you are having so many sickensses! Not fun! Oh man i LOVE HSM3- We will have to watch together sometime!! I saw it at its midnight premier! so fun! haha My sister won the tikcets off the radio!

Kim said...

Hey lady! I can totally relate to your story although our movie is Mamma Mia!! Just about every morning Eli starts dancin and singing "honey honey" and beggin to watch it!!! I think I have had enuf Mamma Mia to last a life time!!!