Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a CRAZY day!

Hasn't the weather been beautiful? We've tried to enjoy every minute of it, seeing how the forecast says that it will soon change to cold.....again. With the playing outside comes the kids being Oh, so tired at night. Last night, even with a short little nap midday, we were grouchy by 5:00p.m. I didn't remember a window was open before I began yelling at my kids. So, this is me once again using my blog as my way to relieve the pressure from a long day. Let's start with today. Preschool DAY! In celebration of Earth Day I planned to plant Wheat Grass in pie tins to send home and then go for a walking field trip to the park to clean up garbage. I asked for parent helpers which is very needed but sometimes the kids act worse when the routine is changed and then they don't know how to act with mom there. Do you know what I mean? Anyway, I'm an idiot and not someone who comes up clever things to say until I've beat the situation over in my head a bazillion times, lost a whole night or two of sleep, recreated the situation to my mom, Drew or Camber a hundred times, and then the thing I should have said comes to my head. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Anyway, this happened with a parent today. I apologized and tried to explain myself but I don't feel like it did any good. Plus when you leave the boundaries of your normal routine, I either come away with the best we've had such a great day mood, or feel like right now. The mood where I've busted my tail off, feel exhausted, but not rewarded with the ohs and ahs that come with a GREAT day.

On the other hand my emotions have been high as things have come into play for my cousin Diana. My heart breaks all over for her once again. My stomach is sick and my breath is taken away as I try to make the world stop so I can listen to what the news has to say. So for right now when I can't make it all better for me and for her, and whoever has THOSE days I will count my blessings for what I do have right now to try and remove the stormy clouds in our forecast and pray for the sunshine to come quickly.

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