Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh, What Do You Do In The Summertime?

I have recently had the chance to prepare a Young Women Combine Activity where we said goodbye to the senior girls and learned more about the importance of writing in journals. I asked a long time friend to come and share how she learned the importance of journals. At a meeting with the Young Women Leaders a couple of weeks ago we were discussing girls camp, as we looked through the scout trailer to inventory the things we already had access to. A side note.....I think the utensils had a good licking at best before tossed back into tote that carried them. Anyway, the discussion of girls camp made me remember my days at girls camp and I remembered my friend's mom who was an important fixture to those memories. A sister mentioned she couldn't do rhyme type chants or skits and I reminded her I couldn't either but Sister Broadbent could. Tuesday Night when Ruthan was speaking I could almost hear Jackie's laugh. As part of her talk she read some of the most perfect journal entries from her sister's journal (with permission this time....Remember the days of reading your sisters diary without them knowing). The night was so fun and it made me want to do better. I need to capture more memories in writing a journal and also work harder at photo journals too.
I would like to know if anyone has downloaded their blog into a book. Thinking this might be my new way to scrapbook.

We are a week and a half into summer. Last week the older kids and I planted 4 rows of corn and weeded the already planted strawberries, raspberries, and peas. I was so excited to see how eager they were to pull weeds. Liberty especially. They were so cute counting the corn seed into each and every hole.
I also have a neighbor that finds the best coupon deals. It amazes me every time. So, I went through the Sunday paper collecting the coupons of my choice. I had since been kicking the pile around because I had no time to cut them out. I was just about the chuck them when a brilliant idea hit me. FINE MOTOR practice for Liberty and Burton. Pulled out the coupons, set the kids up to the table, circled the coupons I wanted and gave them instructions to follow the dotted line.
They had a blast. Doing a million things at once, as soon as I got them cutting, I ran out to hang up a load of laundry, and got sidetracked by the weeds growing by the edge of the fence. Pretty soon, Burton came outside needing more coupons. I told him that I would find him so more coupons as I was crouched over pulling weeds. He sweetly said to me, "Coupons grow in WEEDS?"

Yesterday, we finished the garden another moment I tried to get the camera but I was way to muddy to come in the house and didn't want to wash up and go back out. This time we planted red potatoes,and spaghetti squash. After a short while, Burton knew he could shovel and Liberty set the seed. They made a good team.
I've been struggling with Burton's fashion since the weather has warmed. All winter it was a t-shirt, COWBOY pants, and his school shoes (usually placed on the wrong feet.....I could not tell him any different!). Oh, I can't forget his cowboy belt that was cinched way WAY to tight. With the warm weather his outfits are pretty much the same but with shorts and long socks. So now the way to tight belt holds his shorts up Steve Urkel style, and to top that off with long socks. Very cute! I finally bought him some no show socks but he continues to wear the way old long socks. So, He is getting dressed a couple of days ago and he brings me this old sock and is so concerned ...... he wants Liberty to sew the hole he just ripped in the sock. It was so cute! Well, that afternoon I was staining a wood project I had and needed old rag. Quickly I thought of Burton's sock. I asked for it, he gave it to me. Later that afternoon, when we headed out for a walk he needed his sock. Liberty sitting next to the project at the table holds up this disgusting brown sock. Burton holds the sock and says,"How am I suppose to wear this?" I ruined his good socks.

The Twins are growing into trouble. AHHHHH! Mack has bruises all across his forehead but he can go down stairs if my eyes are closed....SCARY.......He can pinch my nose so I say HONK HONK! and I pinch his nose and he says HONK HONK!
Cooper has the biggest cheesy grin and loves to take off running. We are very close to being done with the fence because of him. My back neighbor found him in their yard last week and I was even standing guard. So back gates are up and this weekend the side will be too! He also loves to run into us to hug us and we dramatize it by falling over for a good laugh.
We are off running at all different speeds. It is fun but WAY exhausting!


Shanna said...

Sounds like Burton keeps you laughing! What a good idea to have them cut out coupons for you. I can't believe the twins are so big. I need to see them. Sounds like they keep you on your toes, but they sure are cute!

The Empey Fam! said...

WOW Kel! hahah Man i sure miss you guys! I am starting to feel up to par so we should hang out sometime soon!!! Oh an by the way- my friend gets her blog published into a book every year! I went to do it and i was too stupid to get it to work! but i still use the program for other things! the web site we use is