Sunday, July 12, 2009

Burton's Surgery Day


Sounds kind of funny to say this......BUT today was a good day. After a winter full of illness. I was looking for a solution. Burton had strep throat twice in a month. SO.......I went to work checking into a solution for him. Flu bug we'll get no matter what if I don't clorox my house into the ground first. This next year everyone and I MEAN EVERYONE will get the flu shot.

My SIL Amber had her son's tonils out in April so she shared with me all of the reasons, concerns, post op care, and afterward thoughts. I made the appointment with an ENT in Rexburg and moved forward with the matter. After our initial visit, the P.A. made me feel kind of stupid for just wanting them out. Like I wanted to torture my son with surgery. I scheduled surgery anyway and came home to worry. I had almost talked myself out of it but decided to go and look at all his prior history at the medical center. The nurse looked at Burton's charts while she was printing them for my keep and said that in her experience with her children having their tonsils out was a good thing. So we did!
The surgery was on a Monday, so on Friday morning Drew and I took Burton for his pre-op appt. My mom kept the other kids and so it was just us. Which turned out to be so much fun. It had been awhile since we had done a one on one with the kids and today was very much needed for Burton. We visited the doctor and Burton rode the cool chair up and down like a space ship and once the visit was over, he got to pick a toy off the toy wall. Next to the hospital to do our admit papers. We got to ride a golf cart up to the front doors and hold hands with Burton swinging him along with all of our attention. The hospital had a fish tank with all the nemo fish in it, that was too cool. After all that we took him to McDonald's to eat and play. It was fun to give every ounce of attention to him. The day was incredible. I love my biggest boy. So he woke up early Monday morning to put the cream on his hands and put on the basketball shorts we bought him for surgery. He was thinking this was going to be an awesome experience from all the attention on Friday, new shorts, the food we bought in preparation for the week and he couldn't not tell everyone he was having surgery on Monday.
At the hospital they gave him a gown to wear over his shorts, a gown for a little doll (they let him draw a face on it and they bandaged up when they did something to Burton) Burton named the doll /action figure Baldy even though he drew hair on it. But good old Mom threw in Ruff, Ruff and he was handy to have by Burton's side. The day went well and Burton was home by 4:00p.m. The following days were hard just in keeping from wanting to ride his bike. The mornings were hard waking up with a dry throat. But he recovered so well. He was awesome and for the record......WANTS THEM OUT AGAIN!

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The Lane Family said...

So funny that he wants his tonsils and adenoids out again!! Once again we as mom's have to take charge of our kids medical needs regardless of what the doctor's say and how they make us feel.

Also I saw the pictures of the boys and they both look good to me. Even if one (cannot remember which one) has a larger head don't worry Kellie. What I have learned with Avery is that there is a condition known as benign hydrocephalus. Basically some children for whatever reason will make extra fluid around parts of their brain, as long as it is not in the ventricles and overall they are doing okay developmentally then do not worry. Is his fontanelle still open on top of his head??? Avery's is and is still getting bigger she will have her 4 CT scan in August to check and see if the fluid is getting larger or just about the same. We were also told that her fontanelle may not close until she is 4 or 5 years old. Hope it gives you some information. And just for the record I have people telling me at least once a week "her head is big" thanks for your observation :)