Sunday, July 12, 2009

Janae's Birthday Bash!

Travis surprised Janae and rented Segways for her Birthday on Friday. We all met up and instantly fell in love with riding those darn things. The kids learned so fast and Travis and Janae were kind enough to let them..... HOG them. Now the Birthday dreams for next year involve segways. Travis also gave Janae an authentic Boston Red Sox jersey......the team of her choice.....and a season of Prison Break. She also recieved a few things to decorate her new apartment/ house.... OH, and not to mention cute clothes. She is a great Aunt and loves to love our children. My sisters are spectacular.....There are many things I couldn't do without them. We have a great time together and love to be involved in each others worlds. So glad a mundane day can be spiced up with one of their ideas. My SIL are all there for me too. They are also apart of our world. I think alot about how much they have all helped in from the beginning with the twins. Wow! how time flies but no matter the need they are always there.

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The Lane Family said...

Wow, Janae looks so different and so grown up!!! I think I am getting old because I can remember the day your parent's called to let us know she had been born.

It was also fun to see your dad and some of the kids. I sometime's think I was slighted because we moved when the girl's were 4 months old and do not have any family around out here. I never realized how much I would miss my family until we had to move away!!

I also LOVE the way you do your pictures!!!