Sunday, July 12, 2009

My All American 4th of July

This year I wanted an All American 4th of July. Camping turned into just a day trip so we planned for the kids to have just as much fun at home. Last year was our first year in this part of the neighborhood and when we woke up on the 4th of July the Neighbors and their extended family were all getting together for a big family breakfast. My children looked out the window wishing they were Mecham's too. I bought the kids all red, white and blue (washed each outfit at least once that day) and we set off the day with a breakfast at the Lewis's house. We rushed home to pick our messy house from our day trip to Sawmill Canyon (which made the kids cry to leave). We played yard games at our house like badmiton, swimming, and lounged in the summer sun listening the laughs....giggles.....and new Rascal Flatts cd....ILOVE the song Summer Nights. Travis invited us to use the remainder chuckars tickets he had so we jumped on the chance. We'd never done I know why LITTLE KIDS! But it put us in Idaho Falls and I wanted to see the fireworks. I love how watching them makes me feel. I love that we have a radio station that put music to them. I love the Neil Diamond song Coming to America.....I thought for the longest time my Uncle Charlie was the one that sang that song. :) We had a wonderful day and not to mention the next day too. Everyone made my Birthday special. Drew even put on a firework show that night in front of our house for me. I am lucky to share my birthday with Grandma Gentillon, Travis, and my nephew Brian.

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