Thursday, August 6, 2009

Discovering Myself......

This morning I had a moment where the spirit spoke to me and life was set on the right speed and I knew that I was being allowed one of those moments I had been praying for. To walk with my Heavenly Father and see in abundance all of the blessing of my harvest so to speak. My life is spent alot in a rush at times. Rushing to get things done before the twins wake up, or before the preschool kids get here, before it is nap time, before I am completely exhausted, before a short deadline, or whatever the cause is I am in a Rush. One of my pet peeves is hearing
young children say they are stressed because that is how the MOM always is. I really try not to do things like that.
Another one of my situations is I feel like it is my time to remember the time I need to put into enriching my life so I can bless my family. Getting up early, taking a moment to exercise, reading my scriptures, getting myself ready for the day, and taking a long breathe before my children wake up. NOT EASY!
Our routine has been so out of wac this summer that the twins haven't napped like normal. This morning they were crying after being up an hour and before summer hit this was routine to go back down for a nap. That is what they did this morning.
With time on my hands and a very messy kitchen from yesterday I set to WORK. It then became more than work but a moment of pure Joy. To clean up the mess I needed to use the raspberries so kindly given to me from my SIL Krissy. So away to my 1st attempt at jam. Did it and felt great. While in the middle of the mess I was rushing because with a lot to do I had to hurry before the twins woke up. The spirit then spoke to me and said, "SLOW DOWN.... this is fun....enjoy....look at your harvest." My mind allowed me to open up to all the blessings that the things I had been baking this week was used for good.
  • I made 4 pints of raspberry jam
    I washed up the mess from that and turned around and made 4 pints of strawberry jam. Wow, I even picked 2 pints of strawberries from my own garden. Yeah!
  • Tuesday I made 5 loaves of bread for my family. I am doing this now to keep them full.
  • Picked our 2nd red tomato
  • Made peanut butter No-Bakes .....because we were starving one afternoon
  • Made 4 loaves of Sour Cream banana bread
  • Made 100+ bags of cotton candy ......primary party and neighborhood delivery ...So SWEET to be your neighbor!
  • set aside of raspberries to eat by MYSELF with cream and sugar .....mmmm!

To end my baking bliss I was rewarded by the simple thanks and gratitude from the people we delivered to. Our elderly widow neighbors yelled back to use after we gave them cotton candy... "How did you know this was my favorite!" and I was baking the banana bread for breakfast yesterday and hoped I would get it down before 8:00 a.m. because our PT guy was coming to evaluate Mack. It didn't and the aroma filled the house. Mr. Hurley noticed the smell and began raving about how good it smelled. He LOVES banana bread......He always ask for banana cake for his Birthday.....He hasn't smelled that smell or tasted it for well, along time because his Mom had passed away and she was the one who made it..... The comments keep rolling about the banana bread so I broke away to the kitchen, placed the bread in a bag, tied a ribbon around it, and as he was leaving I handed him the bread which was still warm.....He paused and just sat there and smelled the bread.....I think he even had to gain composure for a minute. Mr. Hurley left and I went about slicing our own loaf for breakfast. Not five minutes later I get a phone call and didn't recognize the number. I, answered the phone friendly, and it was Mr. Hurley, Thanking me for the BEST bread he had ever tasted. He could eat the whole loaf but thought he should save some for our other PT Lindsey who comes. I told him to eat it all I would make Lindsey something else. Wow, GREAT DAY!


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What an inspiration and a great lesson learned! I definitely need that reminder to not RUSH life away! I am starving now after reading your blog too! Sounds YUMMY! ;o)