Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Sick and tired of moving....Can you tell he's had it.
Loving my Geeky beak I got for my Birthday.

Discovering that there is mud and that If he can distract me, he could have a great time.

Cousins....we have people moving like crazy this month. The girls in this picture are my sil's girls Brooke and Sydney. The Kidman family moved their family to Southeast Idaho from Meridian the first of July. They purchased a dental practice in Idaho Falls. Living with Grandpa and Grandma Park until they found something to rent. Which turned out to be the week Camber and Janae moved. I am not really that much help in taking ALL my children to someone's house to help and keep track of the little munchkins. So, I offered to let them come play at my house so they could maybe make progress in putting stuff away. It was a day my kids have been dreaming of Forever. The added little boy in the picture is Amber's little Zak. Lucky for us she had a dentist appointment with the new dentist in town so Zak got to play as well.

....I added ALL because their was one day at gymnastics I tried to watch the kids and what they were learning BUT dragging that darn twin stroller everywhere doesn't always fit the little pathways designed. A kind lady offered her help manuevering the stroller and boys and when we got to our destination the door out she asked if I brought my daycare with me. Four children in a household constitutes as a daycare?


Brittney said...

Looks like you have been having a fun summer! Sometimes with my 3 I feel like I have a daycare! Ha Ha
I know what ya mean about kids and moving, I usually do the same thing, just watch the kids and things go a lot faster!

The Lane Family said...

I just LOVE when people see a double stroller and more than one child and think...DAYCARE. Hello people due have more than one child at times :)

That is so cute that all the cousin could play together. I really miss those things and long for the day that we can call Idaho home again.