Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Tonight this picture of Bree at Gymnastics makes me almost giggle myself silly. I wonder if she learned or just loved seeing her crazy self in the mirror. Camber and I would watch from the front window of the building and see her lose herself in watching herself in the mirror. Camber would get so mad that she wasn't really paying attention to the detail of the move she was in
BUT as her Aunt tonight all I can do is laugh. She is one creative little girl. Heaven help her mother. Bree and family are adding a second story onto the house they just bought this summer. Anyway, this week we were discussing the important details that us girls care about HOW WILL IT BE DECORATED? and Camber thought for Bree's room she will put down laminate floor and mirrored closet doors so she watch and dance herself silly.

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The Lane Family said...

That is so funny!! I cannot believe how big Bree and Libby are. I remember seeing them right after you had them.. times flies...sometimes :)