Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Buckaroo Rodeo Parade 2009

Our very own chicken scramble. We know that this event takes place every year but do we plan ahead? For the rodeo.....YES.....for the parade......WISH WE DID. It is one of those set in stone traditions by now. As a child my mom created GREAT a teenager we began the scramble, my sisters and I feeling a little silly riding in the parade. So, this is when my dad's Mustang came in handy. He would drive that and one of us would ride and throw candy. Now it is up to us to carry on this tradition. When Drew and I first got married, I made a big deal of it advertising for my preschool. Funny thing was I had to borrow children to ride my float.
So, the Saturday parade began at 11:oo a.m. and I had to think of something quick. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. worried I would sleep to late so I set the alarm but of course couldn't go to sleep. I could only think of the million and one things to do before the 11: 00 a.m. deadline. A ready.....everyone happy?.....oh, yeah, me ready.....signs created......candy..... everyone happy!
I made my sign and My Mom came up with the idea of stuffing everyone in the GEO dressed like clowns. Kids loved the idea. They would sleep in the geo if we'd let them. Made everyone a clown face out of lipstick and liner. They wore their get up from the rodeo the night before. Now for the uncomfortable and yet sticky ride through Firth. By the end of the parade Cooper felt like the sticky covering of a candy apple. The twins thought we were crazy for throwing the candy, they were in heaven trying to eat each and every piece before it left the little car.
At the end of the parade route at the city park is FREE ice cream and soda for all the parade goers. We went over to the kids were dying from the heat. With the added ice cream and soda the twins and kids , oh, yeah don't forget the makeup we smeared all over their faces, they were a MESS. On the upside ..... MEMORIES were made!

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The Lane Family said...

First off you are my hero for having four kids ( two being twins under 2) and still having a preschool. When I grow up I want to be as cool as you!!

Second: I LOVE the clown outfits they look so cute with their hats and the fun of being in a parade is so cute.

Third: I wish we had a preschool like yours out hear. The best deal I could find and I would not take my dog there was 150.00 a week. The C0-op preschool moms told me, "you may not fit in with our group, because of the twins..nice". SO I guess it will be me teaching Aidan.