Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Matching Socks? Broken Camera? Gotta Love Janae!

So, I've been holding onto this picture for 6 months waiting for the right time to post. Late night and Drew is working REALLY late and I can't slow down for the life of me. Thinking of how many fun adventures I am behind on posting. Back to Janae. This picture of the socks kills me. You want to know why. Janae ( my youngest sister) is always knocked out to the hilt. She won't go anywhere (even to HardTimes or Good ol' Stop N' Shop ) without a trendy hat or makeup. I love the way she dresses and she always smells good. Even her dress down days have flair with a cute scarf or hat. Anyway she is a doll. So when I saw her sock situation it nearly killed me. She doesn't have matching socks. She doesn't even care that one is short and one is LONG. OH, it Kills me. This would drive me nuts and would so embarass me if I were to ever get caught. Gotta LOVE Janae. We do !

Nope it's not. Lucky for me. I took this picture to test out my camera. I thought it was broken. So LUCKY it's not.
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The Lane Family said...

My dress up days include not having food, snot or vomit on me and a shower. Dress down days, sweats and hair pulled up. If only I could be like JaNae.

Melody Anthony said...

Wait do you love her style or the clothes I pick out for her to wear?