Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Our Neighborhood loves block parties. We decided to host the SUMMER BLOCK BASH and set out to deliver the invites. The day we delivered was so blasted HOT we hadn't even rounded to a different street before the kids were dying. With a lot of invites to go, luckily the store (my dad's parts store), and then Grandma Anthony's yard provided some much needed relief. The water in the pool was so REFRESHING and the cold water for once felt GREAT after this big adventure!
Love my guys and their shades. Mack is into everything around his neck which is so scary. These sunglasses are his fav because they can hang around his neck.

Our Summer treat. What a bargain right now and the kids absolutely love them and WILL consume a whole bag in one setting if you let them. I let them because I needed to keep their attention with me during our time away at swimming lessons.

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The Lane Family said...

I love the picture of Drew and Mack (I think that is right?!) it is so cute and they do look like their daddy, I think Burton does as well.

I also like to know that I am not the only mom that buy's that snack. My kids LOVE it as well and I agree it is cheap, even better. Mack and Cooper look a lot alike from the pictures are they fraternal or identical? Do you dress them alike most of the time? I love to dress the girls a like whether they wear the same thing or the same type of outfit with different colors. I just think it is fun!!