Wednesday, September 2, 2009

All in a Weeks Work.......

I was raised by a Mom who is a "LISTER". She creates lists and runs her life off of these lists. I, too, am a LISTER. Now with the connection of blogs and internet maybe we could tell if this was a family trait. If my cousins, too, are LISTER's. I love that my mom will even go back over her list and add things from her day on the list just so she can mark them off and visually see what she has tackled in a day.

WELL, These pictures are my addition to my list. They were not on MY list but snuck in and now I need to see beyond my everyday have to's. I can guarantee one of these pictures will not happen every year!:)

  • My Preschool school year started last Tuesday. I am a School Teacher at heart and I love school, but I LOVE summer. I took time to smell the crayons and new school supplies in preparing for this day and as I loaded my angel girl up for her first day of 1st Grade. You gotta love the colors and them bunched all together still with the pointed ends. OH, Happy Day!
  • This year I added to the decor of my preschool basement and painted the flowers ...... which adds to my last year tree.....Both needing some shading so they really pop!.....AND I found this quote that moved me and I new it was my theme for preschool......This is the start of something .....BIG!
  • My sister in law Jamie lives closer to us now and we are enjoying the moments of being together. She takes the twins for me during preschool and then we visit for awhile when we exchange kids. We are loving the fact that they are a fixture to the area.
  • The ERMC NICU had a reunion for all the babies who had once been patients. This year I wanted to go. I know time passes and these incredibly important people work with hundreds every year, and there is really no way of telling them how truly grateful I am to have TWO HEALTHY baby boys, or for them to reminise about our time there.....BUT that experience made a huge impression on my life and I am forever grateful for this experience. I would love to spill my guts more but I can 't see through the tears. Anyway, It was fun to see the nurse that didn't want Mack to be alone in the nursery and I know she was very patient and did everything she could to get him home quickly to us. Mack was even on the news. They had a meal, games, and jump houses. I loved seeing all of the families with twins and triplets. Someone to stare at myself.
  • Mack is walking. It is not his strongest or fastest mode of transportation yet BUT he is WALKING and Standing up from the middle of the room. I was overjoyed to see his growth all pull together this last week.
  • Drew always reads the thrifty nickel. He picks up faithfully every week. He also is an avid reader of the TRADING POST at work. Well, He found a snow machine this week but it had a sticker price higher than I wanted to hear. It didn't stop there. On Thursday he came home from work with a whole lot of compliments more than usual. His request was to go and LOOK at the snowmachine. As it got later into the evening it was WHAT DO THINK ABOUT ME GOING TO LOOK AT THE MACHINE....WHAT IF I BROUGHT IT HOME?....... By Friday morning he was situated with a truck and trailer on our way to Rexburg to LOOK and BUY a snowmachine. He did get a really good deal and it looks brand new. The comment of the day that killed me was as we were driving out of town Drew was telling me about how he could turn around and sell it for a lot more and Make some money off the deal. I gave a quizical look like why the heck? Then the killer response was ...."The only thing I will make on this is MEMORIES!"
  • Burton hamming it up and posing like the ever so studious student. The two little ones trying to follow suit.


The Lane Family said...

You always amaze me with all you are able to accomplish and then I also become so jealous that you are where you have family :) What a blessing!!

I love the tree and your theme for preschool that is AWESOME!! Once again I wish I was there and I would have enrolled Aidan in your preschool as it is I am doing it at home with him and trying to entertain the wild two as well.

I am also bummed that you got to go to the EIRMC NICU reunion. I want to go to that some day to also thank our wonderful nurses. Kaylee spent 20 days and Avery spent about a month and a half. What amazing people.

Melody Anthony said...

Drew got a snowmobile! Good that means I can have my own! And nobody told me that Mack can walk now....

Natalie said...

Wow! A lot is happening at your place! Your preschool looks so cute! What a super woman you are! I am impressed! From a NICU nurse perspective, I loved the reunions. It was a great chance to see where the kids were at. It's a stressful job, but those are the little moments that made it SOOOO rewarding! I took care of a baby for 9 months in the nicu. You can't help to grow to love those little ones. I still remember most of their names!

Shanna said...

I'm a lister, too! Probably not as much as your mom, but it's the only way I really get things done.