Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Burton's First day of Preschool .....his last year!


The Lane Family said...

Kellie, You look awesome I LOVE your hair. What a cute class of kids and I bet I probably know some of their parents :) Have a great year!!

Colleen said...

Hi Kellie,
I love your blog. It seems I never have time to check out all the fun blogs. Natalie told me that you wrote about Charlie and Neil Diamond so I finally got a chance to read it. Charlie does sound like Neil Diamond and he still loves to sing his songs! We need to have a get together. Life goes to fast. I have a fun sewing project for the family that I brought from Nauvoo. The summer went too fast. I would love to see your cute family soon!!!

Todd and Shana said...

Holy cow, girl, you look like one busy woman! You look much less stressed than I would preparing to take on that many kiddos!

P.S. I hope you don't have any plans the weekend of the 26th because Mishelle and I are planning on heading your way. We'll have to see though cause her little girl is sick :(