Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Asking Forgiveness?........

A couple of posts back I listed how grateful I was for the preschool help that came my way this year. BUT I neglected to list a lot more people who help everyday kick off and for me to feel success.
Camber is coming over to help with preschool too. We have a great time together giggling at the kids and sharing glances when the roudy ones are about to throw us over the edge. It is so very nice and I appreciate her willingness to do whatever is needed especially when sick kids throw a curve ball in my preschool days. I am glad this is yet another activity we share experiences together.
My Good Looking Husband(read the Shelley Pioneer this week;)is always there in my frantic fits at night to ask what needs to be done to be ready in the morning for life and preschool. I love this guy. He stayed home from work today to help with the sick kid moments.

Happy Fall Ya'LL

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The Lane Family said...

Thank heavens for good husbands and great family. I hope the illness bug takes a hike and you all enjoy a nice quite winter. Do your twins have any problems when they get sick???