Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Momma misses the binkie!........

I was tricked. I know I should have taken the binkie away from Cooper months ago. Drew suggested the idea and I blew it off because I am the one home who listens to ALL of the whining and I need to be able to plug at least one of them up. Our annual Potato Harvest began a couple of weeks ago and for some reason I had been thinking prior to the vacation to pull the PLUG! WHY?! Because it is a break and I could lose sleep when I don't have preschool to worry about. My Mom also suggested it was time one day as I was frantically trying to find the dumb thing and decided after no luck of finding it that it was now the time to lose the binkie. I came home and threw away all the binkie's that miraculously appeared after never being able to find ONE.
So now the break is over and I can't figure out why I am so flustered and tired all the time. Yesterday, I found another one of those darn binkie's and KNEW WHY! Throwing out the binkie messed up everything. It made nap time hard to almost nonexistent. Then with the twins up in my business all day, I never can feel like I've gotten a thing accomplished. They are now pushing around chairs to stand on higher ground. Mostly, the counter where all the knives are placed which is below the cupboard they think all the candy is in.
The sad thing is I also have seen Cooper change from being my baby to a two year old this week. Last week he began jumping. He stands and jumps into the air from the ground . He tries so hard but doesn't get to far off the ground. I love it! He walks to the refrigerator and wants milk. If we try to fill his cup with the water from the refrigerator he screams. He has the cutest little face and sings this song from the monkeys OOO and AAAA from playhouse Disney. Cooper flipped and slammed his head on the concrete floor of Home Depot this week too. An Industrial sized store really needs industrial sized shopping carts NOT ones that feel like I am playing with a toy.
Mack is walking like a pro. He thinks it isn't fair when I think it is better to carry him because he wants to be down just like everyone else. He blows raspberries like crazy and it drives him nuts after a long day to have someone even touch his carseat let alone him. (That is when a blanket over the head comes in handy) His body is low tone so he feels like a light weight. Which is okay any day of the week because it doesn't keep him from anything he wants but when he is sick he feels REALLY sick. The home teacher's were here the other night and what a show off he was. He was running in circles through the living room into the kitchen and around while screaming. Cooper followed suit and it was a mad house. We were screaming to visit over the twins noise.
I had to make the binkie change now because what is really going to kill me is when we take away the crib and change the baby room to the BOY room at Christmas. EEK! We are so dependant on our routine...established from the NICU.....These babies are not cuddly or rocked to sleep but loved while getting bathed, jammied, and then put in their room lights off and the door shut. OH Boy....I am in for it......This is when the blanket over the head might work for me.
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Shanna said...

What smiley little boys! Good luck with all the transitions.

The Lane Family said...

First off your boys are just so darn cute!!!

I so understand where you are coming from, with them constantly climbing onto things and getting into everything. I have found that with twins they get into much more mischief. My thought if one does not think of it the other one does. It is funny because I know with the girls they can be the best of friends and then turn around and be the worst of enemies in like 1 minutes time.

As for the binkie, it was a a HUGE CHALLENGE when we took it away from Aidan, then six months later the girls come and now I am taking them all away for the final time. The binkie fairy came and gave Aidan a present....what a challenge.

I am also so impressed that you were able to keep the boys on the NICU schedule. We had to give it up once Avery started screaming all night long with colic and reflux for the first nine months of her life. So I do not have the best sleepers but it is getting better. I hear a hint of wanting another baby ?!?!?! :) I know for sure we are finished because we used the last embryo's to get the girls. So unless the Lord gave us a HUGE SUPRISE, the only thing I will be having is a kidney stone!!

The Empey Fam! said...

oh my heck that pic of the twins is ADORABLE!!!!!! I bet it will be so hard to take the Binkie away from Mary- she is sooooooooooooo attached!!!! Miss you guys!