Saturday, October 31, 2009

HaLloWeen 2009

Trick or Treating to Grandma and Grandpa Park's house. NOt onlydid they have candy they had donuts and maple bars and chocolate milk.....we went to early or it would have been HOT chocolate. That's o.k. I love chocolate milk. I also got a LIVEWIRE Mountain Dew in trade for the Sausage Stars I made for Grandpa Park.

The Pumpkins carved for the Christensen's pumpkin walk MOnday NIght. The first on #13 is Burton's. Uncle David carved it to resemble his prize winning decorated potato I've yet to show.

This is a little glimpse of our day. Cooper was Sully, Mack was Mike from MONSTERS, INC., Liberty was HANNAH MONTANA, and Burton a HERO/ a FIREMAN!

The twins were going to use the Lightning McQueen and Mater costumes we had for Briggs and Burton at this age BUT it was to fitting to go with MONSTERS.

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The Lane Family said...

I love the costumes and I think they are very fitting for twins, especially after you saying that they could match Avery and Kaylee's personality to a tee.

LIVEWIRE Mountain Dew..I think I could use some of that for energy I am going to check into it!!!

That is so fun what Grandma and Grandpa Park do, what a great idea!!!!