Monday, November 30, 2009

{Think to Thank}

I've had one of those weeks where to many things have happened that turned into blessings that I could not pass up the chance to recognize them and write them down. It all happened to fall on the week of Thanksgiving which couldn't have been better and also give me the Christmas Spirit.

  1. The Thursday before Thanksgiving, I went to grab the enevelope I had collected all my preschool checks (my income) to take them to the bank. Went the EXACT spot they had been organized and placed BUT they were not there. That afternoon I took to cleaning the house but everywhere I cleaned I KNEW they could not be. When Drew got home from work, I took a break from cleaning and he started. I am really not disorganized but I do have a house with almost two year olds that climb and pull everything apart. Needless to say we went to bed without finding the money. Everytime I woke up through the night in a worry I would think of someplace to check. My last thought took me to the outside garbage which had been emptied Thursday morning but I had taken out a bag since the pick up. I wasn't about to check the garbage and the thought had come to me earlier in the day but I tossed it aside. The middle of the night thought came and I told myself I would check first thing in the morning. And I did. Put on my latex gloves and went to the garbage. Pulled the can on my lawn and started for the bag I took out. Pull each little piece and shaking it before placing it in a pile on the lawn. The whole time thinking.....IT BETTER BE IN HERE IF I AM DIGGING THROUGH THIS MESS...... well, sure enough with the shake of one item let my envelope of money fall to the ground..... I ran inside holding the enevelope and IMMEDIATELY gave a prayer of thanks with my family. I am so lucky that bag wasn't taken out the night before.

  2. Tuesday, Camber and I decided was the day for our children to recieve thier second dose of the flu shot. I was hoping not to have to pay $88.00 again......I would rather use it somewhere fun ......BUT this is what I am doing to improve our health this year. So far so good......Got everyone into the clinic and now can't find my check book when they tell me I need to pay again. I asked them to bill me but then realized they could take debit cards. I gave my card to the lady and she had to go down the hall to scan it. As she is coming back down the hall within our view, she stops and chats with two other nurses. Meanwhile, Camber and I are trying to control 7 out of control kids in a Doctor's office. FUN! Camber and I comment back and forth to each other that we are could be spared some grief if they would give us the shots and let these crazy kids leave. The nurse with my card finally comes toward me and says "We've just "pow-wowed" and I we see no reason to charge you again!" ARE YOU FOR REAL..... IS THIS THE PLACE THAT DRIVES ME CRAZY AND YOU'RE DOING SOMETHING NICE FOR ME! I graciously thanked the lady and told her how much I appreciated this gesture.

  3. We had a quiet Thanksgiving morning. Drew went to play in the TURKEY bowl with his buddies ...... I put the twins down for a early nap ...... Liberty and Burton and I made this so cute turkey bread basket, with the smell of homemade rolls and a clean house.

  4. Camber and her mother in law were hitting BLACK Friday and invited my mom and I to come along. WE had the BEST TIME. We did have to calm my mom down in the first store and give her the "WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT SOMETIME" talk..... She wanted to just run into every store stash the stuff and then make rounds to purchase when the lines had died down. Once we got past that we found the shortest lines in every store. We went to Porter's where I wanted to purchase a barn with the 40% coupon they had so Camber stood in line, Mom grabbed the only barn, and we took turns roaming until we were up. We'd been in line maybe a30 minutes. I set my barn on the table and my coupon and the lady tells me that I can't use the coupon on toys. WHAT! Yeap! right on the coupons says it excludes toys. So, push it toward her and tell her I don't want it . It is an unfinished wood barn. She stands there looking it over and starts ringing it up, then tells me I stood in line to long for her not to give it to me with the coupon. WOOHOO!

  5. The remainder of the weekend we decorated for Christmas, visited with family, and tried to mind our P's and Q's.

  6. Today! I very calmly and really quite enjoying the blessing I have doing the laundry and feeling blessed to have healthy kids, and I could go on BUT the phone rings while I am on one of my many trips downstairs and it is Drew and he starts telling me something about DECEMBER 17 th when I he Mack crying and Burton run to the top of the stairs telling me there is blood. I dropped the phone ran upstairs and sure enough lots of blood in the head above his eye. I am screaming about blood and a head wound so Drew can hear me because I can't find the cordless and I am know where near the wall phone. Of course, no one has shoes on and both twins have stinky diapers. They were suppose to be changed and in bed for a nap. I wrapped Mack in a blanket and shouted orders for Burton to find socks and trade holding a towel on Mack's head while I panicked for someone close to help transport this mess. I called my Mom and said leave class we've got a head wound. She did and was trying to call the secretary as she is putting on Coops shoes ( I live two seconds away from her work at the High School and another two seconds to the Medical Clinic). Get to the clinic no one is at the front desk and a Lady is standing in line in front of me. I had seen her try to get their attention before I cut in line in front of the other two people already seated. So, I left Drew with a heart attack and he is calling Camber to come check on me but she is alone at the store but luckily Mike (another employee) answered the call for help. So now I have Camber relieving Mom from the twin and Burton..... I am leaving my house looking like your worst nightmare......Mom can go back to school.......David flies up to get Coop and Burton........Camber stays to fill out paper work, Burton is only one who knows what really happened and finally gets a chance to tell us and then Camber stays to rub Mack's head while I wrap him tight in the blanket as he gets three stitches. SO.....Just like our car accident there are a lot of things I learned today to do better in an emergency. This was stitches but the nurse said "oh, wait you have three boys ...... wait for broken bones......." Came home hug Mack until he fell asleep....Now back to my Monday! Drew took Mack in yesterday for a double ear infection and tonsilitis. He is going to love Tylenol this week.


The Empey Fam! said...

WOW! So what happened to Mack's head? Crazy week! I miss you guys and hope to se you guys soon!

The Lane Family said...

Wow, talk about a very crazy, busy week filled with a lot of blessings and reminders of what really matters.

First off, I completely understand how something can be in one place one minute and gone the next. Kaylee is like a whirlwind, she climbs on any and everything and moves things before I can even see her do it. Plus when they have an accomplice the same age it is even easier. I too have gotten the privleige of digging through the garbage.

The turkey bread bowl sounds yummy and delicious that you made. I am so impressed that you do all of that and teach preschool once again my hero.

I love the picture of Libby helping Grandma Park that is so precious and I can see some Park in her as well.

Burton and Libby making hats is also so fun. Aidan wanted one of those this year so we made one.

You really did get lucky with your barn and I am glad that the cashier took pity on you and gave you the item for 40% off. I did not venture out on Black Friday but I did do some on-line shopping and got some great deals...yeah!!

As for the head injury... crazy and of course they would both of have dirty diapers (Murphy's Law) and there would be know one at the clinic. Thanks heavens for your family being around. That is one of the hardest things about living out here is that we do not have our family. We have some great friends but it still is not as good as family.

From one mom of multiples to another you are doing a great job!!!