Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Last Week in Pictures.....2009

Park Family Thanksgiving 2009 .... The top left picture that isn't shown very well and the middle is of the boys sleeping off the turkey dinner. In the picture at the food table is Jordyn ( Chad & Elda's oldest 13). Just a little info to help mark time.....Amber and Luke's first Thanksgiving in their new home and expecting baby #2...... Ashley (Amber's twin) not here because her due date for baby #2 was the day before.... She finally had him on December 1...... Colt Henry Dean..... 8lbs....... Tracy and Mandy have 7 children with their youngest Andrea born in May....... Chad and Elda have a teenage daughter Liberty caught sitting by a boy at a Basketball game last week :O Elda is actively coaching HIGH School VOlley ball and Basketball......getcha head in the Game because if she is not coaching they are following one of their children at a game .........Casey and Krissy have 6 kids and Krissy is knee deep in dental Hygiene school grateful that one semester is almost down......Jamie and Ryan live in Shelley with a new dental practice in IF...... We are grateful to have grandparents so close that we can ask for pretty much anything.... This last year Mike and Joan came to the rescue as we learned the routine with twins ..... One night I called Joan crying for help to hold babies as they were both sick and pucking and Mike made a pediasure run......More than that it is the Sunday night visits and chips and pop.... and all the things my kids can sweet talk them into.....Drew and I finish up the group and we love where we live.... Are very grateful for Drew's employment and INSURANCE..... Very excited to be the parents of a young family..... They make us laugh every chance they get.
Preschool Thanksgiving Feast ..... complete with a smoked Turkey and lots of yummy finger foods.

New decorating idea for the preschool basement..... My cluster of three trees I used before just would not work with 20 + people.

This is Mack at the scene of the accident ...... The day after......The picture in the top left has a house with candycanes.... That would be the one that was pulled from a cord that I so carelessly left hanging to the side of the TV cabinet....... When will I learn nothing is safe.........Today is day 2 after said accident and Mack now is asking for sympathy.....When He had to wait for his lunch, He pointed to his head and said...."HEAD..... HURT" ...... HE still had to wait his turn:(

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The Lane Family said...

I feel old...Thanks Kellie :) I remember tutoring Ashley and Amber when they were in the 2nd grade and now because I am always behind I have kids that are about the same age as theirs. I also remember attending Chad and Elda's wedding reception I think I was in my first year of college and now she has kids in high school crazy!!

I love your Christmas decorations in the preschool they are so cute and what a fun little thanksgiving dinner you had. What a great teacher you are!!

Poor little guy he did do a number on his head, but never feel bad as I have learned with the girls they can think and figure out how to get into anything and everything!!