Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Very Own Reciept......

I had to go to Idaho Falls for a few things yesterday. A thought hit me in the process of thinking of everything I needed..... Liberty has been dying to buy some workout clothes......The thought hits me that if she wants them so bad maybe that is what she can spend some of her own money on. Using her own money and concentrating on something she really wants as she picks the perfect things out ought to be a great learning experience for a girl her age ..... RIGHT? She was so cute as she was checking out, turning and asking how many dollars she needed, she unfolded her cash from the wallet and purse found for this special experience, and we began to count out the money to the cashier. The cashier put the receipt in the bag and away we went. BUT the moment of pure joy came as we were putting our things in the car and Liberty says, " I FINALLY HAVE MY OWN RECEIPT!"
(She wants to grow up and work at Sam's club because of the whole receipt thing)

**as a side note I was just laying in bed next to Cooper and saw a bit of freshly cut hair.... This is in additon to the first found on Mack and the other spot on Cooper's head.... Got to solve this mystery

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Jules said...

That is such a cute story!! I love it! I love the party too! YOu always make everything fun! I have a new blog address,, check it out! Jules