Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4th of July Centerpiece Ideas?

I am putting this out there in case somebody reads this in the next two days. I am looking for ideas for a 4th of July Centerpiece. Our Relief Society Birthday party is next Wednesday and another Sister and I are creating a 4th of July table. I am doing the centerpiece but I haven't found anything I really LOVE. I was thinking a gingham blue/red fabric to be the bottom layer and then a bouquet of fresh sunflowers, a glass container filled with the brand spankin new baseballs I got Travis for Christmas (cross my fingers he will let me use them for frilly thing like this), and ________________? I need various heights and I feel like the sunflowers and baseball container will be too much the same. OH, from what I have found containers of lemonade on the table. Maybe a shorter, squatier container so it is a different height. The metal containers are used alot too. But I am trying to stay with the TRUE RED, WHITE, and BLUE colors.
If in your blog hopping or connections you have seen something cool.... LET ME KNOW!


The Empey Fam! said...

what about getting the little flags? or i think they may have these at the dollar store- those decoration shiny paper decorations that resemble fireworks- i can not think what they are called???
theres a couple cute ideas

The Lane Family said...

I would love to offer you all kinds of help but I am not the most talented decorator in the world, apparently that gene misssed me :) Remember you were giving me tips on birthday parties.

I would mention maybe some flags though in the mix would be fun and I would LOVE to see the finished product :)