Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Our Magical Christmas Moments......

The Family Room of the big remodel for David and Camber.... They have been working non stop since July on completing a home that will be Grandma's and their's. I LOVE the scallop border and the bead board. During the vacation Melody, Mom and I painted over 3,ooo ft and when we looked at all the trim to then paint Melody suggested the Lewis family might like to do it. We wouldn't want to leave them out right? J/K ..... This room was already here .... They retexture and painted.
ARe they REally Sharing? .....or from Cooper's grin.....Did he win the fight?

The week before Christmas Activities...... The beautiful girls took a lesson on talents to heart and discovered their LOVE for acting. They each played a part in the play The Christmas Carol put on at the Virginia Theatre in Shelley.

I made my Mother in Law's famous cheeseball for some neighbors and friends. I just sectioned the cheeseball into smaller balls and rolled them in parmesan cheese and decorated in cute snowmen. I could eat her cheeseball all by myself. LOVE LOVE LOVE this holiday munchie. ( On a side note: It has blue cheese in it..... Well, my little helper Cooper climbed up the cupboard to see the FOOD I was working with and decided to taste the blue cheese. He IMMEDIATELY threw up.......Doesn't like blue cheese...... GOOD .... more for me:))

The Sunday before Christmas..... Cute little Christmas outfits.....


The Lane Family said...

First off you MUST share the cheeseball recipe and what a cute idea for the neighbors!!

You are a great sister painting all of that for Camber!! The trim is really cute and fun!!

The pictures of the boys..attempting to share are so cute!!

That is really cool that the young women actually partcipated in a play. If you remember I did several plays my senior year and it was so fun..I should have started sooner!!!

The last picture is so cute, you got all of your kids to sit for a great picture and everyone is you really are my hero!!!

Janae Evans said...

I never realized Cooper gives that cheesy face so much! But It's so cute and thats probably why i am constantly giving in to those little guys.

Shanna said...

Cute pictures!! Glad you had a nice holiday. I love cheeseballs too!!