Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soo Cute.....

This is my punishment.......For Christmas we gave the boys a BIG boy room and Liberty a Girl room ...... This means we said goodbye to bed with restriction and let them have more freedom....AHHH! I hope this transition starts to take because they might hurt themselves...... I do check the room for dangerous items like pennies, plastic, or sharp objects, before I tie it shut from my side ( please don't tell child protective services :)) They also learned to open door knobs with their fierce anger of the change. They are like me ..... CHANGE NO GOOD. Today when they woke up after short nap (they played for the first little while) I came into find all the wipes on the open floor and the flash light on. This is so FUN ! I need my sleeping babies back..... They are going to be 2 way to soon.

Our neighbors have a new batch of kittens and as we were driving by the other day I saw them playing on their front step. It was really cute and I am not an animal gal. We finally have a child who likes animals..... MACK LOVES little kitties...... He gave this kitty a hug and a cute little lick....:( Weird but he loves them.

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The Lane Family said...

That picture of Mack with the kitty is so precious..I see a dog in your future :)

I had to laugh at the boy's room. We have not moved to the sleeping in little beds yet..heck Kaylee still needs to sleep anywhere and Avery could care less about being in the crib. I know the sooner the better.

My guess is that Mack and Cooper take turns finding things to do other than sleeping!!