Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Power Out !......Nothing works

Yesterday morning around 5:15 a.m. I heard Drew walking back upstairs to our bedroom....(I only wake up for prayer and go back to sleep....Drew is up and out the door by 5:30 a.m.).....Anyway, I heard him, which I usually NEVER do then I noticed his flashlight on his handy NEW phone he had to have.... THEN i heard the BOOM. I realized then we had no power..... atomatically thinking the whole town was out of power and my prayers were answered NO SCHOOL! ( I am so my mother's daughter....I even include these days in my prayers) Laying back down I was completely relaxed by the thought of a down day and imagined the lazy morning I could have watching the news and waiting for them to announce the closer. Drew had a few minutes before heading out the door and his job was to look up Rocky Mountain Power and call them. BUT he couldn't dial the number because it was so dark he couldn't see the numbers on his phone..... Then it hit me ...... NO POWER means NO TV..... NO TV means COMPLETE DARKNESS and I don't know where a flashlight is......The twins play everyday with one and right at that moment there was no way to find I wandered to our bedroom phone to call my parents to see if their power was out.....Good MORNING it's 5:30 a.m.(My parents live in town also....right next to the school if the school had power I was really in trouble) ..NOPE they had power and the means to have light regardless.....Thankfully my mom came to our rescue with flashlights and candles......I continued on with preschool from the light of our BIG front window ..... I aside the thought of doing my hair and makeup until I caught a glimpse of myself.....then trying to do my makeup by the light of a candle or flashlight is also another scary experience......So from all this I LEARNED I am ILL-PREPARED for disaster......wake up call .....Our house needs more than one stinkin' flashlight.....candles with matches....... ARe you prepared for the dark?


Arlyn said...

I am NOT prepared for the dark, unless it means we can all crawl under the covers and sleep longer. I'm glad I don't have a preschool or daycare to run like you and Rachel do!

But, if we don't have power, we don't have water. That's bad.

The Lane Family said...

I think we would be okay for awhile we have candles, flashlights etc. But because we live in a townhouse in the city, we would have no electricity or water.

We would have heat because we have a fireplace (granted the squirrels live in the chimmney and plenty of wood because we live in a forest.

I guess we need a wake-up call every once in awhile to remind us what we need to prepare for.

One more thing you always want to make sure you have a landline for a phone or you will not be able to call out and in a real emergency all Emergency responders will have access to the cell towers so no cell phones!!!