Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kindergarten Registration & Mack's Boots

Yesterday was the BOYS turn to register for KINDERGARTEN. Not much to it other than filling out paper work while the boys got to color a picture. I remember going to a screening for kindergarten when I was little and being drilled from our neighbor friends, that I would need to know what ketchup was made out of. Burton left good old A.W. Johnson so excited with a learning packet and came home to start writing his letters.
The twins have been working with a speech therapist along with Mack's Physical Therapist through the Idaho Infant Toddler program. Yesterday, I learned that when they are three they transfer the services to the School District. I could be loosing all my boys next winter. But the kicker is that the twins are my babies and they would ride a bus there. They aren't big enough. I can't imagine them big enough to climb up on the bus and sit quietly from home to the school. Gotta take some time to wrap my brain around this one.
We are starting to sign with the twins in hopes it will eliminate some frustration (slamming heads on hard surfaces). Our signs for the week are drink and eat. Mack has also learned to jump a little on the tramp inside our house and Cooper has learned the word YEP!

I needed to smile today. This picture is from our family movie night we finally haphazardly had last Friday night. It was a lot of fun and I would love more of those kind of nights. Drew & I worked together during the day on the house and we had a movie we wanted to watch and the kids wanted something else so we hooked up a t.v. in the boys room. The twins wandered back and forth and this is the outfit Mack fell asleep in. Yes, he is asleep even though his eyes look a little open. Drew's ankle socks make perfect leggings and his boots. The boots he wears 24/7. He does not want Coops to get a hold of them and he can't if Mack NEVER takes them off. Last night while putting the kids to bed Drew took off the boots and set them up high on the dresser. Tears were shed but his stinking little toes needed to air out. They were the first things he put on. Another funny thing about the boots.... he randomly switches which feet they are on through the day.


Shanna said...

Your kids are growing up so fast! That is so funny how much Mack loves his boots!

The Lane Family said...

Sorry I have not commented on this cute blog...what a loser :)

First off I cannot believe the Burton is heading off too the big land of Kindergarten in the fall. I know it makes sense because I think him and Aidan are around 6 months apart or so. He will start in 2011. The girls were in Idaho infant and toddler program but for some reason getting then in the program out here takes an "act of congress" or something of that nature. Needless to say we may eventually get them back in the groove.

I love the picture of Mack in his boots so cute and I love how much he loves them.

Jules said...

Hi Kellie! It was nice to run into you at Walmart!!!! I will have 2 in school next year, and I'm liking the idea of that!!! My new blog is