Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's up ? .........

Life has been a little crazy to say the least at the Park house OR maybe it is just me! I can't get myself to write a blog although I do think of ideas very often BUT never take the chance to write it down or get to it. I do however LOVE to read blogs and wish everyday that all the blogs I stalked would have new updates. The weather maybe to blame for my blahza attitude. More than warm its cold and windy ....we're not talking a little wind 70 mph wind. For awhile we've been feeling sick......playing out in the sun.......our computer screen was DEAD........buying a new refrigerator (because ours POOPED it's jammies.....DREW) it was smoking one Sunday night.....cleaning up all our junk for the FREE two-week anything goes junk removal (LOVE this idea)......Celebrating our handsome 5 year olds Birthday (Birthday's here are a week long celebration) ...... not to forget our Anniversary .....HOLY 9 years Batman! (Lovin' Mack's GQ look.....the new style of two legs in one leg hole...don't forget the cell phone}

{Easter weekend....I had yelled at the kids to set out their easter baskets and Cooper brings back a laundry basket.....It was adorable until he pushed it too far and tipped over in it.}

{seaking warmer weather for Spring Break but didn't go far enough.... got to see Mel}

Now off for a killer two weeks to finish preschool.... Kids in the school district now get out May 24th.....checking into taking Mack's tonsils out.....Amber has her baby.....Janae is expecting.....Jamie is expecting......praying for warm weather all the days we desperately need to be outside......


Devry said...

It's about time!....I love it when you post. I feel like i'm the only one who posts all the time. The kids look so cute in thier Easter outfitts.

The Empey Fam! said...

yay!! i am so glad you posted!! and i have been wondering if Janae was expecting yet!! YAY!!!! how far along is she??? I miss you guys and those pics are adorable and fun t o look at!

The Lane Family said...

I am so excited that you updated your blog. I love reading them Kellie and it is always fun to hear what you are up to and what life is like for you being a mom of multiples :)

First off that picture of Mack with both legs in his pants is so darn funny!! I love it!!

I cannot believe Burton is five. However, I remember being at church with Ruthan and Darren and you had just had him and you get up and conduct the primary program like it is no big deal..you rock!! We were pregnant with Aidan at the time but were not telling anyone even Ruthan did not not know :)

Second, I am sorry you weather is awful. We are melting here with 8o degree weather and 70% humidity. We try to get out in the morning before it gets to hot :) Plus we are on the tail end of our preschool as well..Thank Heavens!!

I am sorry to hear Mack may have to have his tonsils out but it is a good thing if he feels better and has less illness.

That is exciting that Janae is pregnant when is she do?? You guys are so lucky to all live close that you can encourage and help each other.

I am happy for Jamie as well I know that she lost a baby so that is great that they are going to have another one and maybe they will get that boy :)And once again I cannot believe that Amber and Ashley are having kids...whoa I am getting old.

Happy ANniversary by the way. I think of you on the 28th every year because we do share our anniversary and we got married the same year..too funny!! It is also a little funny that we both have twins..hummm.

We hope to see you guys the end of May and we can see what Kaylee and Avery think of Mack and Cooper and I am sure that Aidan and Burton can play and maybe Libby can just hang with the wild girls!!