Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tonight.....Stake Fireside

{Just wanted to show some of the cute things that have come our way this week. These fortune cookies were made by Camber and her kids. Briggs gave them to his Preschool Teacher with
Real fortunes inside like ..... You are a gireat tichir :) Camber helped us make some yesterday to give to Liberty's Teacher & Sister Mecham for her 90th birthday}
{Cute little gifts from one of my students}

{Tonight is a Stake Relief Society Night Fireside. We wanted to add a little part to it so the sisters in our ward could connect we came up with FILL THE CAR.....We are hoping
they will fill their cars with sisters for points and extra points are for bringing their next door neighbor, a high school senior transitioning into Relief Society, a Grandma, a sister under thirty...... Categories for sedan and SUV .....*seat belts not required
So here is what I came up with for the PRIZE.... a little background ....picture a clown car full of sister pilling out to come to the fireside. We are hoping to add some giggles and friendship as sisters in zion.


The Lane Family said...

Okay Kellie, you and Camber come up with some of the cutest funnest ideas. You are both so darn crafty and are busy mom's too. Apparently I need to take lessons.

Maybe you could offer a class for me on how to do all of the cute interior decorating/parties/crafts/everything else :) The only problem I have to get to Idaho for more than a week :)

The Empey Fam! said...

how cute!! thats a good idea!! i want to come back to firth soon!!!!